Baby Bouncers, Baby Swings & Baby Walkers

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Keep your baby occupied for hours with our fun and colourful range of bouncers, swingers and walkers which have been specially designed to give them support they need. We have a vast collection in our online store that are waiting to be yours today. Read More >

About Baby Bouncers, Baby Swings & Baby Walkers

OnBuy offers baby bouncers, baby swingers and baby walkers from a range of reputable brands such as Chicco, Ickle Bubba and more.

Baby bouncers

Let your baby bounce around or nod off to sleep with our wonderful selection of baby bouncers. We also stock door bouncers that will let your baby have fun while preparing them for walking with support. We stock bouncers that come with a range of toys which will keep the little one entertained for hours.

Baby swings

Babies love swings which will keep them smiling and entertained for hours. The swings are also great for rocking your baby gently to sleep when it is nap time. Check out the store for our wonderful choice of fun and colourful swings.

Baby walkers

Walkers are vital for giving your baby the support they need to make their first steps. We have a fantastic collection of walkers in different sizes and colours. Our walkers will help to introduce the little one to animals, shapes and numbers.