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Discover a world of possibilities for your green spaces with our sellers' selection of garden and outdoor living products! We've got a top selection of gardening essentials, including handheld and power tools for your garden, plus seeds and bulbs to start the sprouting! Once you've cultivated your garden you can decorate it with our garden decor products and relax on high quality garden furniture. And for the animal lovers we have wild bird, poultry and beekeeping supplies to cherish! Browse the category now to make your garden your own!

The garden is one of the best places to relax at home – at least it is when it's not raining! It's the perfect location to practise outdoor hobbies, grow your own food or simply lounge in the sun. Of course, you'll need to get kitted out with supplies if you want to thoroughly enjoy your green space - that's where our garden and outdoor living department comes in!

Garden furniture & decorations

One of the easiest and best ways to use your garden is as a space for relaxing with your family and friends. You could sit on the bare grass if you really wanted to, but a much comfier option is our range of garden and patio furniture.

We offer a range of garden furniture sets for every taste, with some of the most popular being rattan garden furniture (which adds a sense of sophisticated bistro-style dining to any open space) or garden pallet furniture for a tastefully rustic aesthetic. If you want an extra layer of comfort, you can double up on padding with garden furniture cushions.

Once you've got somewhere to sit, you'll want somewhere to rest your drinks, food and anything else you'd want nearby. Our garden tables are just the thing. While you'll love sitting out on your new garden furniture, leaving it outside uncovered is asking for trouble - so give them a layer of protection with garden furniture covers.

Part of the whole reason to buy garden furniture is to spend time in the sun, but equally you don't want to overdo it. That's where our garden shade products come in. Parasols provide shade for you and a few others around a single table, while large pop-up gazebos are perfect for hosting garden parties.

Speaking of parties, if they go on for long enough its only natural that people will want some food, and there's no better answer to garden party munchies than a barbie! Our outdoor dining department offers not just BBQs themselves but BBQ utensils as well, plus an excellent range of picnic supplies and outdoor pizza ovens to add variety.

And when the sun dips below the horizon, there's no reason to stop the celebration with our outdoor lighting range. Our sellers can offer you everything from string lights to rope lights to tiki torches and lanterns to help set the mood. As for everyday lighting, we have a selection of brilliant wall lights, decking lights and even some security lights to help keep your property safe. You'll want to keep warm too, so consider something from our fire pits and outdoor heating range as well.

Next it's time to add some personality to your garden with our sellers' garden decor products. This includes the classics like flag poles, trellises and arbours, wind chimes, house numbers and other garden signage and all manner of garden ornaments and sculptures. You'll also find more unusual decorations like sundials and outdoor thermometers in this selection as well.

If you want to foster true tranquillity in your garden, a beautiful pond is ideal. Our sellers' pond products mean that yours will look absolutely stunning. Pond decor allows you to make your pond your own, while products like water treatments, pumps and filtration will keep it looking its best. And if you don't have a pond of your own yet, we have everything you need to create one, from sealant kits and liners, pond netting, and even preformed ponds and complete pool kits!

Gardening products

Horticulture is a spectacularly rewarding hobby. There's nothing like watching a wild and untended plot of land slowly develop into a beautifully sculpted garden - and knowing it's all down to your hard work! It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting out, our gardening supplies department has everything you need to get started or expand into a new project.

Our sellers can offer you a comprehensive range of the basics. Gardening hand tools featuring essentials like shovels, secateurs, rakes will let you dig, prune and scrap your way to victory, while watering supplies combined with soil care products will keep your plants fed, watered and happy. Don't forget pots and planters for growing saplings or less tolerant plants from other climates. And for the newest seeds, hydroponics kits will give them all the tender care they require.

Once your gardening kit is up together, you'll need the source of your future attractions: Seeds and bulbs! Not only do our sellers have a comprehensive selection of flower seeds and vegetable bulbs for every taste, they also have a series of real, fully grown outdoor plants and even mosses to cover your garden with.

On the other hand, perhaps you're not into all this plant care stuff – maybe you just want a neatly trimmed lawn to look out on. Well, then our garden power tools department is for you! It's stuffed with essentials like lawn mowers and strimmers, alongside more niche tools like chainsaws, garden sprayers and water pumps.

Animal care products

So far we've focused on how you and your guests can enjoy your garden. But so many wild animals will also learn to love your green space if you treat them right! If you're a birdwatcher, or just want to support your local feathered friends, wild bird care products are a brilliant place to start. Our sellers have bird feeders and bird tables for feeding time, while a bird bath will encourage them to stay for longer. And if you want them to move in permanently, buy a birdhouse!

Wild birds are one thing, but keeping poultry is another. Perhaps you want to keep chickens for the free supply of fresh free-range eggs. Or perhaps you just think chickens are cute - perhaps both! Whatever motivates you, our collection of poultry supplies includes everything you need to keep your hens and roosters happy and healthy. You'll find spacious poultry coops, delicious poultry feed, clever egg incubators and more!

Or perhaps honey is more your style. Well, you're in luck – our sellers' beekeeping equipment selection is equally well stocked! It includes full-sized beehives that a whole colony can live in, queen rearing equipment to keep the heart of the hive healthy. Not to mention all the beekeeping protective gear to keep you safe while you're working.

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