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If you are attempting to contact us regarding an order that you have placed on OnBuy, please log in to your customer account to view your Previous Orders - here you can contact the seller directly.

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Seller Enquiry

If you are a registered seller, please submit a ticket in your seller panel.

If you are thinking about becoming a seller, then please contact us to register your interest.

Report Counterfeit or Illegal Products, as well as Intellectual Property Violations

We want to ensure that the products listed on OnBuy are not only of quality, but also legal. If you are aware of a product that is in violation with the law, then please use the form below. An example of a product that should be reported is a counterfeit product.

To do this you will need to submit the OnBuy Product Code (OPC), which can be found at the top right of the product page.

Please Note: This form is only for reporting products that break the law. Order enquiries should be done through your account, by logging in and viewing your previous orders.

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