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Preparing to welcome a new member of the family - or perhaps you're looking to spoil your oldest friend? OnBuy's range of dog supplies has everything you need to keep your furry friend happy and healthy all under one roof - so, explore the tail-waggingly good selection today!

Dogs have been loyal companions to humans throughout the world since the dawn of civilization - with the OnBuy dog supplies category you can pay back the love! From essential basics like dog bowls and beds to fantastic toys that will keep your pooch occupied for hours, we’ve got a selection of amazing products for your four-legged friend!

Essential dog supplies

At the bottom of your dog’s hierarchy of needs is food. Every dog owner wants to provide the very best of these essential dog supplies for their beloved pet and OnBuy’s verified sellers will help you do exactly that! If you’re looking for scrummy yet nutritious dog food you’ll find plenty of great choices in this category. Our sellers have dry kibble, wet food pouches and more from trusted brands like Pedigree, Natures Menu and more. If your dog has special dietary needs don’t worry - you’ll find hypoallergenic dog food here, plus dog food with nutritional profiles tailored for senior dogs and young pups.

Another important set of dog supplies are dog beds. You may be one of those dog owners who is happy having their dog sleep in your own bed, but when their paws get muddy this is far from the best option. Thankfully, we have many comfortable beds & doggy-suitable furniture that are fit for breeds of every size, from the tiniest teacup chihuahuas to the most monstrous malamutes!

If your pooch ever feels under the weather the OnBuy collection of dog healthcare products will have them feeling better in no time. You can get rid of troublesome parasites like ticks, fleas and intestinal worms with pills and droppers. Or you can boost your pet’s health with supportive supplements to keep their joints strong and their coats sleek and shiny. Buy dog supplies at OnBuy and your canine companion will have everything they need to live a happy, full life.

Dog toys and treats

That’s the basics taken care of, now onto the fun stuff! Your dog will adore playing with the incredible dog toys we have in stock. You and your pooch can play tug of war with a chew toy, or you can send your dog chasing after a ball thrown by one of the ball catapults we have in this category. There’s something for every style of doggy play here!

Once they’re exhausted from an intense play session there’s nothing your dog will love more than chowing down on a selection of delicious dog treats. From rawhide chews to meat parcels, we have a range of scrummy treats in this dog supplies category. Some aren’t just tasty, but can improve your dog’s health by including nutritional supplements or by wearing away dental plaque as your dog chews them. All of these great dog supplies are just a taste of what’s on offer at OnBuy, so get exploring now!

Dog supplies FAQs

What are the basic supplies I need for my dog?

First of all, you'll need a bed, food and water bowls. Grooming supplies are also a must, and a collar is advised. If you're worried about your new four-legged family member destroying your favourite pieces of furniture, you may want to get gates to limit their access into certain rooms. You'll also want to keep them entertained and occupied with a selection of chewable, pullable and positively adorable dog toys!

What should I know before getting dog supplies?

If you own a dog, there are numerous things you should know about beyond the nature of the breed itself. Different dogs have different needs, and the cost of accommodating these can pile up pretty quickly. As with anything, always consider your budget first. In addition to this, your home should be prepared, with all harmful chemicals and cleaning products kept well out of reach and safely tucked away, and you should know how to train your four-legged pet. Luckily for you, there's a whole host of handy puppy training books on our online library, so training your pup needn't be a hard task!

Are dog supplies safe?

Yes, dog products are designed from the ground up to meet high-quality standards and ensure the best possible experience for your dog.

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