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Dog Crates

When we're house shopping, we tend to think about how we'll use the space - not how our pooches will! Luckily for you, we've amassed an impressive online collection of durable dog crates ready to transform your house into their home - so, browse our virtual shelves to find a range of dog crates for sale that you'll both love.

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Looking to buy Dog Crates?

Is a dog crate right for your pooch?

Dog crates are somewhat of a controversial topic. Some people swear by them and some people condemn their use. In reality, dog crates are more of a personal decision and their effectiveness will vary depending on both owner and the canine. Some families find that dogs can settle and calm more easily when they have a crate to call their own, others are more confident leaving their dogs home alone when they’re in a dog pen. Others still consider a crate to be an essential part of car journeys or home routine - it’s all about how you use the crate.

Dog crates can also be an essential part of puppy training as they provide your pooch with a private place to relax but also act as a timeout punishment if they've been caught doing something naughty. Not to mention, they're ideal for using when you need to nip out but don't want to leave your teething puppy free to roam the house and ruin your favourite pair of trainers. Ultimately, the choice is yours and it doesn't matter whether you choose to use a dog crate or not as long as your pup is happy and healthy!

What's the difference between a dog cage and a crate?

While a dog cage may sound more intimidating and restrictive than a dog crate, they're essentially the same thing as the terms are often interchangeable. Both a cage and a crate are used for transporting and containing your pooch, but they shouldn't be used all the time. Some alternatives for transporting your dog include investing in a dog seatbelt for comfy car trips without the need for a bulky cage in your backseat, a dog stroller or carrier for walks in the park and days out, or a bicycle trailer particularly old or young dogs that need a helping hand while out and about.

Regardless of the size of your canine family member, they still need to be able to stretch their legs, have plenty of time outdoors, and be taken out for frequent walks to ensure their tail keeps happily wagging! How you choose to use your pup's crate is up to you, but we recommend always ensuring they have an abundance of space to spread out and relax. Luckily, we have a wide and varied range of dog cages for sale, so both you and you furry friend won't be short on suitable options.

Dog Crate FAQs

How do I pick a good dog cage?

The amount of available space is essential in this case. A good dog cage should allow the dog to stand up and lie down while stretched without looking or feeling cramped. Strength is another important factor to consider. If your dog is particularly boisterous or prone to chewing, you'll need a dog cage with solid structural integrity. In this case, sturdy metal models would be best.

Is it better for dogs to sleep in a crate?

Crates are popular among many pet owners, as they offer a safe space for their dog to relax in. Many dogs love crates, as they offer a snug, den-like environment that complements their natural instincts. For pet owners, crates also offer additional security, not just for the dog itself, but for their furnishings. Keeping your dog in a secure space overnight is particularly beneficial if they're prone to chewing, digging and destroying. With the addition of soft pillows, blankets and toys, your dog should be perfectly happy sleeping in a crate. 

Can a crate be too big for a dog?

It's a common misconception that a larger space means a happier dog, but this isn't necessarily the case. Dogs prefer a snug, cosy space that mimics natural dens, rather than a large, airy area. The crate should be large enough to allow the dog to turn around and sit up without issues. It should also be able to stretch its legs in the crate without problems.

Is it okay to leave a dog in a cage?

Only for a limited amount of time. Adult dogs shouldn’t spend more than eight hours in a cage, while puppies should be freed after four to five hours. Too much time spent in a cage can affect a dog in negative ways.

Are dog cages a good idea?

Dog cages can be quite useful, especially if you need to move your pet from one place to another in a safe way. However, dog cages should only be used as a temporary measure, so you should limit the amount of time your dog stays in one to prevent anxiety or other potential issues.

The amount of available space is essential to picking a good dog cage. A good dog cage should allow the dog to stand up and lie down while stretched without looking or feeling cramped. Strength is another important factor to consider. If your dog is particularly boisterous or prone to gnawing, you'll need a dog cage with a solid structural integrity. In this case, sturdy metal models would be best. 

Are dog crates foldable?

Many metal dog crates are foldable to allow for both easy storage and transportation once they've been dismantled and the solid bed has been removed. However, if you're looking for a dog crate that needn't be dismantled to be folded, then we suggest buying a collapsible dog crate. However, typically, these dog crates are only available in smaller sizes and are therefore best suited to smaller dog breeds.

Are dog crates safe?

Yes! If you purchase a dog crate from a reliable retailer, dog crates can often be a safe place for you pup or senior pooch to retire to. Many dog trainers and vets actually recommend crate training dogs from a young age as this helps to prevent soiling in the house and deters other unwanted behaviours.

Are dog crates expensive?

Dog crates can be snapped up at all kinds of prices to suit your budget. While some of the more feature-packed dog crates may come with a more expensive price tag, there are plenty of more affordable alternatives also available. While they may not have all the bells and whistles (such as multiple access areas and an easy-clean floor), these budget-friendly options won't break the bank but are still fit for purpose!

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