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Secure everything you need as a pet owner at a great price from OnBuy. Shop all your pet essentials like food and bedding, pet care supplies for grooming, or treat them with an exciting range of toys that will keep them entertained for hours.

We've got dedicated supplies for a whole range of pets, from the classics like dogs, cats and fish, to the cute and fluffy like rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs, as well as slightly more niche pets like horses, reptiles and birds. Whatever you need for your pet, you'll find the supplies they need with OnBuy's online pet supplies range.


OnBuy has all the essential dog supplies you need to get tails wagging. Whether you're treating your current canine companion or finding everything you need before you bring home a new puppy, you'll find it within our dog supplies range. Find low prices on essentials for puppies, juniors and adult dogs, from food and beds, to toys, accessories and grooming care.

Dog feeding supplies

You're sure to get empty bowls and full bellies with OnBuy's range of tasty and nutritious dog food. Discover great prices on a variety of dog food types, including meaty wet dog food and nutritious dry dog food from your pet's favourite brands.

There's dog food that caters for special dietary requirements, and there's a selection of tasty dog treats ideal for training new puppies or just spoiling your trusty four-legged companion. But don't forget something to feed them in - discover convenient dog food and water bowls to keep them hydrated and well fed throughout the day.

Dog toys

Your dog won't be the only one having fun when you shop our range of exciting and stimulating dog toys. Find dog toys that help you spend quality time with man's best friend or if you need a bit of a break from them, try our interactive dog toys that help them entertain themselves.

It's also important to make sure your dog stays mentally stimulated, which will help to stave off problem behaviour and ensure a happy pet. These are often puzzles that reward curious minds (and noses) with something delicious.

Dog beds

Your dog is going to sleep a lot, so it's important that they have a comfy, supportive dog bed that allows them to get some much needed rest - being that fun and playful takes up a lot of energy after all!

Treat them to a soft bed from OnBuy that's tailored to their needs, whether that's a cosy dog bed to reassure an anxious puppy, extra support for older dogs with joint problems and everything in between!


Buy everything you need for a happy feline with OnBuy's range of cat supplies. Whether they're a stubborn and independent cat, playful and energetic, or lazy and cuddly, this is the one-stop online pet shop for your pet cat.

Keep them purring with delicious cat food that meets their daily needs, as well as cat toys to keep them stimulated and entertained.

Most cat owners will have experienced a feline who has no regard for personal space and sleeps in the most inconvenient spaces - that's just one reason why you need to buy a comfy cat bed from our range too!

Cat feeding supplies

Treat your beloved pet to our range of nutritious cat food, which includes fishy and poultry recipes from trusted cat food manufacturers. That way you know you're buying quality ingredients that will give your cat everything they need, and as you're buying it from OnBuy, you know you're getting a great price too!

And once you've got your cat food, it's then time to think about cat feeding and water supplies. You can stick with conventional bowls that often come with features like anti-slip bases, or if you go out during the day, automatic feeding supplies are the perfect option for a happy cat.

Cat beds and furniture

All cats love a comfy place where they can lounge around, so our cat beds and furniture ranges are an essential stop for all cat owners. Discover cosy cat beds where they can get their 40 winks, as well as cat window perches and cat play towers that they can lounge around on.

If you want to keep your furniture in good condition, you also need to buy a cat scratching post that will help keep them happy and enriched in your home.

Cat toys

A happy, stimulated cat is a healthy cat, so make sure you treat your feline to lots of enriching cat toys. Discover a rich variety of cat toys, including interactive toys to keep them entertained while you're out, as well as toys for a fun playtime with your pet.


Find all the specialist supplies you need for your pet with OnBuy's range of essential bird supplies. With such a diverse variety of birds kept as pets, from parrots to pigeons, it's important that you can find the right supplies for your breed - that's precisely what you'll get with OnBuy's bird supplies.

Bird cages

Pet birds can spend most, if not all, of their time in a bird cage, so it's important that you find the perfect bird cage or aviary for your pet. Find different shapes, sizes and types of bird cages that will keep your feathered companion happy, secure, and give them plenty of space to stretch their wings.

Bird feeding supplies

Just like your bird cage, it's also important that you find the right bird food to keep your pet chirping happily. Buy affordable bird food that has all the vital nutrients to keep your pet in peak condition.

It's also the perfect destination to keep the wild birds in your garden happy too. Shop a variety of feeds, from bird seeds to suet pellets designed to keep your bird table full of colourful wildlife.


Looking after pet fish involves more than just water in a tank, which is why we've got the complete range of pet fish supplies. Here you'll find everything from food for goldfish to tanks for tropical fish and climate control accessories to get the water just right.

Fish tanks and aquariums

Find a fish tank that's ideal for you and your pet, whether it's a simple goldfish bowl or an extravagant tank that adds some flair to your interior décor - buy affordable fish tanks as well as premium aquariums within our selection.

And while you're shopping for tanks, don't forget to pick up all the essential fish tank accessories like fish tank pumps, fish tank cleaning supplies and aquarium temperature control devices. Plus there are lots of fish tank decorations too!

Fish food

Fish can be particularly sensitive pets, so we've put together a range of fish food to ensure the different breeds can enjoy the diet they need to thrive. You'll find fish food perfect for more common pet fish, as well as more specific food that tropical fish require and pellets that cater for koi and other pond fish.

Small Animals

Discover adorable supplies for your adorably cute small animals: You'll find everything you need for you rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and more with our range of small animal supplies.

Get all your small animal supplies in one place with our online pet shop, including hutches and cages, bedding, food and toys.

Cages and hutches

Keep your small animals secure and happy with our hutches designed specifically for rabbits and guinea pigs, or turn to our small animal cages for pets like hamsters, chinchillas, rats and more. There are simple and affordable hutches and cages or treat your pets to fun and sophisticated multi-tier designs. They're ideal for inquisitive small animals that love to run around and climb about inside their home.

Small animal food and treats

Keep your furry little pets well fed with our nutritionally balanced small animal food range. Shop pellets and seeds that will keep your pet in perfect health; you'll be able to find small animal food tailored specifically to your pet, as well as tasty small animal treats to help them live enriched and fulfilled lives.


Another great way to keep your pet feeling enriched is through our range of stimulating small animal toys. Discover toys they can chew to help protect and maintain their teeth, as well as fun toys for energetic and curious pets that love to weave in and out of tight little coves. There's a whole world of variety when it comes to stimulating toys for your small animals.


For all things equine, shop the OnBuy range of horse supplies. You'll find affordable options when it comes to keeping your pet horse in top shape, including food, accessories and grooming equipment.

Horse feeding supplies

Stave off hunger in your horse with our tailored selection of horse feed and horse treats. You'll also find plenty of options when it comes to horse feeding and watering supplies.

Horse care supplies

Horses require a great deal of attention and care, which is why it's important you check out our range of horse grooming supplies. It contains everything you need to keep their coat looking its best and free from any health concerns.

There is also a great selection of horse healthcare supplies including supplements to keep them feeling at their best, as well as treatments and shampoo to ensure they're well looked after, inside and out.

Reptiles and amphibians

Reptiles and amphibians can require a lot of care and attention, but also be extremely rewarding as pets. To take the stress out of ensuring your pet is well cared for, shop the OnBuy range of reptiles and amphibian supplies and essentials.

Give them a home they can love and thrive in with our selection of reptile and amphibian terrariums and vivariums, along with all the climate control essentials like tank humidification and ventilation, tank heating lamps and more.

You can also shop for a range of reptile and amphibian food that will keep your pets happy and healthy.

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