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Dog Bowls

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Frequently asked questions about Dog Bowls

How often should I wash my dog's bowls?

The straightforward answer is every day, especially if the dog bowls are usually sitting on the floor, which means there's a higher chance of contamination. Water bowls sitting out in the open should be washed daily also, as the water attracts dust and pollutants from the air. Food bowls should be washed after every use, especially if your dog eats wet food.

Is it safe to wash dog bowls with the rest of my dishes?

It's best to avoid washing dog bowls with human dishes in the dishwasher. This is a matter of health and safety. Always keep dog bowls away from the dishes your family uses and wash your hands after you handle anything related to your pet, be it food, dishes or even the dog itself. It's also not recommended to wash your dog's dishes in the bathtub or kitchen sink because of the risk of cross-contamination. Instead, use a bathroom sink or a large utility sink.

How do I clean and sterilise dog bowls the right way?

The microbes from your pet's saliva can be transferred to your dog bowls, creating an area where bacteria and germs can flourish. That's why it's crucial to sterilise and clean the dishes with a dedicated dog bowl sponge and good dish soap at least once a week. You should also prepare a bleach solution to sanitise the pet's bowls, leave it for around two minutes, wash and let the dish air dry.

What are the best dog bowls for dogs with overbites?

If your dog has an overbite, it can have a hard time eating from traditional dog bowls. The teeth in their upper jaw and lower jaw aren't correctly aligned, so they can struggle to pick up their food. A small, shallow or low dish won't do the trick, so it's best to consider tilted bowls, anti-slip bowls, elevated dishes, gravity feeders, or automatic dog bowls for your pet.

What's the difference between stainless steel and plastic dog bowls?

Plastic dog bowls could leak chemicals into the food and water, whereas stainless steel dishes are safer and also easier to clean. They're often cheaper and more durable than plastic alternatives, too. In some cases, plastic bowls can contribute to canine acne on the chin, which is usually where their skin comes into contact with the bowl. And, if you have a dog that's a determined chewer, they may end up chewing and ingesting the plastic, which is extremely toxic. Overall, stainless steel dog bowls are the better choice. 

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