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Fishing Equipment, Accessories & Clothing Overview

Cast your line out into the waters of the OnBuy fishing category and see what you catch! In this selection, fishers can find incredible fishing gear, including rods, nets, fishing tackle, lures, bait and more! No matter what your skill level, you’re sure to get the right fishing equipment for your needs!

Calling all anglers! For a full array of fishing equipment, you can trust our verified sellers to deliver! Fishing has been a part of human culture for countless millennia, and is an integral part of humanity’s food source to this day. Although the fish on most of our plates is caught by giant haulers, the appeal of catching fish by the river or on a small boat supersedes mere sustenance. 

This popular hobby is a relaxing and engaging hobby for millions across the globe, and we’re proud to offer up an entire category of fishing gear. You’ll find dozens of essential fishing tackle here aimed at all skill levels. So whether you’ve been fishing for years or are just tipping your toes into the waters, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here!

Fishing rods & hooks

The most important part of anyone’s fishing equipment is the rod, in this category you’ll find a number of high quality fishing rods for a variety of skill levels. A common sight in this category is the spincast rod. This simple rod uses a push-button reel that releases the line when you press the button and cast it towards the water. This easy to use machine is the perfect starting rod for someone just starting to assemble their fishing gear. 

On the other end of the scale from the spincast rod is the baitcasting rod. Although they’ve very similar names these two rods couldn’t be further apart. Heavier and  more complicated to use, these expensive rods are for expert fisherman hoping to catch the biggest game the ocean has to offer. You’ll find many other examples of this most essential of fishing equipment, including old school fly fishing rods, in this collection as well!

Of course the most expensive fishing rod is worthless without a fish hook on which to snare your catch. In this category you’ll find a great many different types of fish hooks to purchase, from a simple bait holder hook to weedless and treble hooks. There are different barb types up for grabs as well, including barbless hooks, which minimise the damage to the fish’s mouth - perfect for catch and release fishing!

Fishing lures and bait

Casting a rod into water is the first step to wrangling a fish out of water, but to tempt them onto your line you’ll need another essential part of fishing tackle: bait and lures. Our selection of lures is full of top spinners and jigs. Jigs are the most versatile way to attract fish - almost any species will respond to this fishing tackle. They’re a little harder to use than spinners though, so we recommend the latter fishing gear for beginner anglers. 

When it comes to bait, you may be lucky enough to come across some fresh bait among our virtual shelves, although pre prepared and dried bait pellets are far more common. While lures will help you tempt a fish onto your line, bait is useful for attracting a feeding frenzy from far upstream. Once your aquatic targets smell fresh food, from bloodworms to corn husks, in the water, they’ll swim straight to you.

There’s lots of other fishing equipment we haven’t had a chance to describe, like replacement reels, high quality lines and nets. That’s because our collection is so huge - we’d be here all day! Instead of wasting any more of your time, we encourage you to start browsing the full collection!

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