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Dog Toys & Puppy Toys

Who said keeping your dog healthy and entertained was a chore? Not us! With OnBuy’s fabulous range of dog toys and puppy toys, your furry four-legged friend will benefit from a blast of exercise while having plenty of fun, too! Discover the ultimate collection of dog toys suitable for all ages, breeds, and unique personalities right here. From chew toys, to tennis ball launchers, and even durable rope creations, we have them all.

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Looking to buy Dog Toys & Puppy Toys?

Here at OnBuy, we offer owners the ultimate range of toys for their beloved dogs: think throw & fetch toys, dog chew toys, dog training toys, and many more irresistible treats for your pooch. From busting boredom, to sharpening their senses, and keeping them agile, our online edit of attention-grabbing dog toys really does provide your pup with the full package! With toys from the likes of PetSafe, PawHut, and Rosewood, sourcing durable and exciting dog toys is a cinch with OnBuy.

Why are dog toys important?

Every dog owner knows that treating their pooch to something new and entertaining is an easy way to keep their tails wagging, but are there any other benefits when it comes to treating your furry companion? Short answer, yes! Indeed, keeping them active with plenty of toys is a guaranteed way to tucker them out. With less energy to burn, your pooch is sure to feel happier and calmer when it comes to bedtime. Not to mention, dog toys also provide extra stimulation and encourage them to become more independent while you're working away from home or otherwise occupied, ensuring they're never bored or upset when you can't spend all your time by their side.

To keep their adorable and ever-expanding minds sufficiently stimulated, enrichment dog toys also come in handy. These types of dog toys are often puzzles that involve foraging or exploring to improve both their natural skills and encourage the development of brand new puzzle-solving skills. Alternatively, scent games and toys can also excite their senses by arousing these natural instincts. More than anything, dog toys are designed to be fun which is especially important if your furry best friend spends a lot of time alone or has a routine packed with training. Frequent breaks for playtime is essential to keeping your pooch in high spirits!

Which dog toys are best for puppies?

Puppies are naturally inquisitive and playful, so it's important that you keep them entertained with plenty of exciting and unusual options. OnBuy’s online range showcases a selection of adorable toys for puppies that’ll provide endless entertainment for your favourite little friend. Puppy chew toys are slightly softer, since a puppy's bite isn't fully developed, and of course they're sized to fit their tiny mouths. Similar to chew toys, you can also snap up squeaky alternatives that'll stimulate their natural instincts and keep them entertained for hours while they burn off some of that incredible puppy energy!

Meanwhile, plush puppy toys are cuddly, comforting, and just the right size for them to snuggle up to during nap time. So sweet! During training, you'll also want to make sure that your ultra-cute puppy is persuaded to pick up (beneficial!) new habits by using some treat balls. Filled with a plethora of tasty and irresistible puppy treats, these dog toys encourage your pup to explore and become more independent with the promise of an edible reward at the end. With so many puppy-appropriate toys to choose from, your pup will love settling into their new home when they're surrounded by these entertaining gems.

Frequently asked questions about dog toys 

What toys are bad for dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, these are some popular toys that can actually be dangerous to your dog including bones, hard cheese blocks, ice cubes, elk or deer antlers, and sticks. Many of these toys (although natural!) can cause issues for your furry friend, so it's best to opt for a dog toy that's clearly advertised as safe for dogs. If you're not sure which toy is safe and suitable for you pup, always ask your vet!

Do dogs need toys?

Toys are an essential part of your dog's development. Not only will they keep your dog entertained, especially while you're out, but they'll give them comfort when they're feeling nervous and reduce the effects of stress. Toys can also help to prevent certain problematic behaviours and encourage natural behaviours, such as playing, exploring, and foraging.

Should puppies have toys in their crate at night?

Puppies should always have toys in their crate, especially at night. However, you should always choose toys that are not dangerous for them, as they will be unsupervised for the most part. When it comes to puppies, the more durable, the better! Look for 'indestructible' dog toys to leave in their crate overnight, rather than soft toys which can easily be destroyed. 

Should I put my dog's toys in its crate?

Just like when you put the kids to bed with their favourite teddy, you should always include toys in your dog's crate. They should be there in case your dog gets bored and they also act as a source of comfort and stress relief. 

Why do dogs rip the stuffing out of toys?

It's no secret that dogs like to pull the stuffing out of toys. In fact, there's even a name for it: 'prey drive'. Stuffed animals usually look like prey and their presence will trigger your dog's natural predatory instincts. It's totally natural and can even help to relieve boredom, but if you don't want to come down to a soft toy crime scene every morning, you may want to buy some more durable toys instead. 

Popular Brands in Dog Toys & Puppy Toys

Bob Martin

Our most popular Dog Toys & Puppy Toys

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