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Dog Kennels & Houses

As much as your furry friend loves playtime and snuggles, sometimes all they want to do sneak away and have a well-deserved rest. To provide them with a place of solace and comfort, there’s nothing better than a kennel that your pooch can call home. From wooden dog kennels to plastic ones, OnBuy’s extensive range will cater to any pup (no matter the breed or need!), so you’ll be sure to find the ideal new home for your canine companion!

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Dogs are sociable beings and they love interaction but, as any pet owner will know all too well, sometimes all they want to do is to toddle off for a snooze. Kennels are a great idea to give your pooch some personal space in which they can relax comfortably after a long, hard day of being adorable. From big to small, wooden to plastic, OnBuy’s extensive collection of kennels will allow you to find the perfect den for your dog

What are dog kennels?

Usually stored outside and in many ways similar to a dog house, kennels are brilliant as they come in so many variations, different designs, colours, shapes - meaning you’ll find the dog kennel that suits your dog perfectly. What’s more, unlike fences or smaller cages, kennels don’t look cramped and you won’t feel bad encouraging your dog to use them. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not decorate your dog's kennel with toys, blankets or anything they love? This will ensure they feel right at home when using it and it’ll become their own, private place to clock off and nap after a long tiring walk.

Kennels for the most part are suited to larger breeds of dog or those hounds who may need to be restrained for certain parts of the day. Also, if you find your dog loves the outside and tends to spend the majority of their time out there, a kennel is the most appropriate option, as it gives them a comfortable place to reside outside. A kennel represents a safe space for your pooch that they can retreat to when spooked or during any stressful situations. 

What’s the best kennel for my dog?

Different types of kennels provide unique plus points. Wooden dog kennels are stylish and fare best indoors, whereas plastic dog kennels will battle against the elements, and can be used outside for a comfortable place to relax in the garden if your dog loves soaking up the sun.

Another benefit that a kennel provides is to mimic the natural den that many pups would normally have, making them feel right at home and giving them the freedom they crave! Also, as kennels typically come without a door, you don’t have to worry about your beloved pup feeling trapped and, most importantly, they’ll learn quickly the boundaries you set, leading to a well-trained, happy canine friend. No longer will you have unexpected canine company on your bed at night (or your sofa, for that matter!). Another solution to this issue is to pop a convenient dog gate either in a doorway or at the foot of your staircase. 

No matter whether you’re training a young puppy or attempting to teach old tricks, OnBuy has all the kennels you could ever need. Don’t forget to check out our extensive range of dog supplies to help your canine companion settle into their new home. From toys to leads and delicious dog food, you’ll find everything you need at OnBuy! 

Frequently asked questions about dog kennels

Can dogs live in outdoor kennels?

Many canines live in outdoor kennels without issues. As long as they offer enough space, are clean, and the pet has access to food, water, and comfortable bedding, it should enjoy living in a kennel.

Should dogs sleep in kennels at night?

Dogs can sleep in kennels without issues, especially if they offer adequate conditions. In fact, many working or security dogs sleep in kennels. It's important that the kennel you choose is designed to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer, giving your dog a restful night's sleep in all conditions. 

Do dogs get cold in kennels?

A good kennel should be placed in an area where wind, rain, or snow can’t reach it. Good bedding and a blanket can also be quite useful, too. It's also important to take into account the specific traits of your dog’s breed, as some dogs are more sensitive to cold in comparison to others.

What's the difference between a dog crate and a kennel?

A crate is usually portable, and can be used (both inside and outside) to transport and restrain your pup. A kennel, on the other hand, is intended specifically for outdoor use, and represents the perfect permanent home for your dog. 

Are kennels good for dogs?

Of course! A kennel is the perfect choice for your dog's ultimate den of zen. They're also great for training purposes, and will encourage your pup to feel safe and extremely happy.

How much will my dog miss me when he's in his kennel?

Numerous studies have shown that dogs really miss their owners when in kennels, but it shouldn't affect them too drastically, so long as they're not sat in confinement all day long. 

What do I do if my dog really hates his kennel?

If you leave your pup in his kennel for an extended period of time, especially if he's not comfortable, his behaviour may start to change. It's not healthy to keep him in a claustrophobic environment, so be sure to soothe and calm him, if this is the case.

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