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Bird Feeders

Take care of your feathered friends throughout those tough, cooler seasons when you check out OnBuy's range of practical bird feeders and decorative bird feeding stations. Full to the brim with squirrel-proof creations to prevent their pesky paws from stealing the nuts, to traditional Tray bird feeders, and long-lasting, wooden House (or Hopper) bird feeders, you're sure to discover the perfect bird-friendly addition to your backyard at OnBuy.

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Looking to buy Bird Feeders?

Whether you're on the hunt for a bird feeder that can fend off greedy squirrels or a durable metal bird feeding station to hang your various bird feeders onto, a well-placed bird feeder can make all the difference to an array of eye-catching birds. Boasting everything from Nyjer, Tube, and Suet bird feeders to Window, House, and Tray bird feeders, finding a suitable bird feeder to suit the diet of your particular feathered friend(s) couldn't be easier.

What are the different types of bird feeder on offer?

As touched on above, there's a dazzling number of bird feeder designs that you can use to attract and support the local birds in your area. Specially designed either to hold a specific type of bird food (like the Nyjer, Tube, Nectar, and Suet bird feeders) or to look a certain way (including the Window, House, and Tray bird feeders), finding a suitable bird feeder is a cinch. By way of illustrating, window bird feeders are adored by avid birdwatchers as they tend to be small plastic feeders that can be easily affixed to window glass to prevent window collisions and allow for close-up views of any winged visitors. Tray bird feeders (also known as platform feeders) on the other hand, attract the widest variety of seed-munching birds thanks the flat design of the feeder, while House or Hopper bird feeders provide welcomed protection from both poor weather conditions and bird droppings.

If you're more concerned about the type of food the bird feeder can contain rather than the style, then you might be interested in our online range of Suet and Nyjer bird feeders. Nyjer feeders are also referred to as Thistle feeders and are specially created as either tube feeders with miniscule feeding ports, or filled with fine-mesh bags called thistle socks for birds to cling onto and extract the tiny nyjer seeds from. Suet bird feeder on the other hand, are constructed from wire mesh or plastic-coated wire mesh to fill with suet and attract everything from woodpeckers and nuthatches, to chickadees and titmice.

When are bird feeding stations most useful?

If you're a keen birdwatcher and want to make a real difference to the lives of the birds that you see everyday in your backyard, then knowing when your bird feeder is most essential to the wellbeing of these cheerful winged animals is important. While feeding the birds all year round can be unnecessary, they'll be grateful for this extra source of grub during extreme temperatures, migration, as well as in late winter and early spring when natural resources of nutritional seeds are starting to dwindle. During the summer, the majority of birds are nesting and tend to dig out insects for their young instead of opting for seeds. Young birds must learn how to forage for themselves, so keeping your bird feeder or bird feeding station in your shed during the summer season is a must!

However, some exceptions to this general rule include goldfinches and hummingbirds that don't follow this typical bird nesting pattern. This is because beautiful hummingbirds require plenty of delicious nectar to fuel their high metabolism during this time and goldfinches nest later than many other birds and prefer to dine on nyjer seeds. So, if you spot either of these stunning species in your backyard and want to encourage a return visit, you should consider leaving your bird feeder out during those wonderful summer days and ensuring they're topped up with either plenty of nyjer seeds or nectar.

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