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Dog Gates

Keep your pooch from exploring areas they simply shouldn't be in with OnBuy's considerable online range of dog gates! From durable weatherproof dog gates that are perfect for installing in outdoor areas to expandable wooden dog gates that can fit in practically any doorway, you're sure to find the right style and size of dog gate to suit your petcare requirements. With models from the likes of Bettacare and PawHut, you won't be short on reliable options either.

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Looking to buy Dog Gates?

Looking for a way to keep your pooch safe and secure? Regardless of whether you want to prevent your pet from running out to greet visitors or to stop them from scaling the stairs, dog safety gates are an effective and easy way to keep your furry best friend under control. Featuring dog gates from popular manufacturers including Trixie, Bettacare, and PawHut, you won't be short on options from a range of trustworthy and big brand names.

What are the different kinds of dog gates available?

Finding the perfect dog gate for your furry best friend depends on a whole host of factors including how big your dog is, whether you also own a cat, how active your pooch is, and whether your home has stairs. Other aspects to consider before you start your search for the perfect dog gate is where you want the gate to be installed, whether you want it to complement your home décor, and whether it needs to be easily moveable or not. Once you've answered all these questions, you can begin to refine your search and hone in on a handful of suitable options like dog gates for stairs and dog gates for doorways that are right for your home and your pooch.

By way of illustrating, if you're a household with both dogs and cats, then you'll be interested in our vast range of dog gates that come complete with a convenient cat door to allow your feline friends to freely walk into other rooms but restrict access for your canine. Alternatively, you can also find magnetic mesh fences for dogs that don't try to tackle your gate, chunky wooden and metal gates that are great for deterring known-nibblers, and even dog stair gates that are decorated with the silhouette of your chosen breed - perfect for adding a little bit of personality into your living space while also providing you with practical solutions to stop your pet from going upstairs or to other areas in your home.

Are dog gates difficult to install?

This depends on the type of dog gate you opt for. Freestanding dog gates, for example, act the same as a barrier and can be easily moved from place to place - requiring no installation. However, most dog gates are designed to be installed in doorways and therefore come with adjustable screw ends that secure the gate in place once manually adjusted to fit snugly inside the doorway. This makes them easy to move from place to place - ideal if you move home or travel frequently. For more permanent dog gate fixtures, you can find plenty of dog gates (outdoor models in particular!) that require drilling. This makes them a great option for homeowners that plan on staying in one place for a while.

Dog gates FAQs

Do I really need a dog gate?

Whether or not you need a gate is dependent on your home and needs. Dog gates essentially work the same as safety gates for babies. They can keep your dog safe from dangerous areas, such as stairways, kitchens or rooms with electronics. They can also restrict access to certain rooms where you have delicate or expensive furniture that you want to protect from muddy paws and slobber. 

Can I use baby gates instead of dog gates for my dog?

Baby gates are great for puppies, as they can keep them in a safe environment without the need for a crate. Some baby gates may not be tall enough or strong enough for larger dogs, so always consider these factors before buying. 

How can I stop my dog from jumping over the gate?

Sometimes, as hard as we try, we can't seem to keep our pups on the right side of the gate. Fortunately, there are a few hacks you can try to keep your little high jumper where they should be. First, many dog gates come with adjustable heights, so putting it on the highest setting is advisable. You could also keep your dog in a large crate while unsupervised. Alternatively, you could use rewards to teach your dog to stay on the other side of the gate. Calling them back into the room and rewarding them with a treat is a good way to do this. Finally, you could use a deterrent mat on the other side of the gate to prevent them from jumping over. These mats have a rough texture and make an irritating sound when stepped on, which should deter your dog from jumping over. 

Should I get a stair gate for my puppy?

Stair gates are particularly beneficial if you have a puppy or a new dog who's not used to their surroundings, especially if they'll be left unsupervised on occasion. For older dogs, however, stair gates may not be suitable. They may start to scratch or damage it, which could lead to their escape, should the gate be completely pulled away.

How high should my dog gate be?

Dog gates are often anywhere between 29" and 36" tall, though you can find extra tall models for particularly large pooches. For smaller dogs and puppies, you can even find gates as low as 20". Choose the one that suits your dog and your needs best.

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