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Cat Litter

Looking for the purr-fect cat litter? You'll find it in this incredible cat litter category! Choose from traditional clay, moisture-absorbing silica gel cat litter crystals, or eco-friendly biodegradable litter. Our amazing sellers can offer you cat litter from the biggest brands in the business, as well as a selection of scented and scent-free options! With so many litters to choose from, everyone can keep their home clean and odour-free when they browse this category!

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Looking to buy Cat Litter?

Cat litter. Without it, our homes would be covered in cat waste, and let's be honest, no one wants that. What we do want is to find out what's the best litter for our feline friends. So let's learn all about what you can buy in this category!

First things first: The different types of litter available. The most popular types are clay, silica gel, and biodegradable. Clay litter is the most traditional type and is made from clay that is mined and processed into small pellets.

Clay cat litter versus silica gel cat litter

Silica gel litter, also known as cat litter crystals, is made from silicon dioxide, which is a natural mineral commonly found in sand. Biodegradable litter is made from a range of absorbent plant-based material. Examples include paper, corn, wheat, pine and even dried tofu! Biodegradable litter is a great option for those who are environmentally conscious.

Now that you know the types of litter, let's talk about the benefits of clay versus silica gel. Clay litter is great for controlling odours, particularly the sharp ammonia smell of cat wee, and is also affordable. Some clay cat litter is 'clumping'. That means when your cat does their business and buries it (as cats naturally do), the litter clumps around the poo, sucking all the moisture out of it and making it easy to clean up with a cat litter scoop.

Silica gel litter is more expensive than clay litter, but it can be the superior choice for some cat owners. That's because it doesn't give off dust the way that clay litter does. If you have asthma or other breathing difficulties you may want to choose this dust-free option. Bacteria find it harder to grow in silica crystals than clay, so choosing cat litter crystals might help keep your cat healthy.

Whichever type you choose, our sellers offer cat litter from the very best brands around. Pettex cat litter, Catsan cat litter and Sanicat litter are just three examples. Some of these litters are scented. If you really can't stand the smell of your cat's droppings, scented litter is a gift, as it will successfully cover even the stinkiest! However, some people (and cats) find the litter's perfume a bit overwhelming, so be sure to switch to unscented if either you or your cat are starting to avoid their litter box!

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