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Does your pooch have an unwanted guest? It may be time to check out OnBuy's collection of dog flea treatment, dog lice treatment and dog tick control! Whether you're tackling an outbreak or looking for something to prevent those pesky passengers from making themselves at home, we've got the supplies here for success.

If your pup can't resist the call of the wild, it's likely they'll meet some tag-alongs on their adventure... Fur-tunately (we couldn't help ourselves!) for you, OnBuy's collection is brimming with dog flea and tick treatment and ways to tackle lice to help you and your pup get back to a pest-free life!

Flea treatment for dogs

Prevention is always better than cure so stock up on dog flea shampoo and use on a regular basis to keep your furry friend's coat protected. If it's simply too late, try a flea comb for dogs - or opt for a spot-on dog flea treatment if it's a particularly bad outbreak.

Lice treatment for dogs

Watching your beloved pup itching and suffering is distressing for every pet parent. Luckily, our range of shampoo for dog lice will help to soothe their skin while insecticidal spray will help kill any eggs that hatch and keep future adult lice at bay.

Tick treatment for dogs

Roaming freely around in the great outdoors, it's not uncommon for ticks to latch onto your pup's skin when out and about. Tick medicine for dogs will help to repel these parasites (or kill them if they manage to attach themselves) so that your pooch can enjoy the fresh air without you worrying!

Frequently asked questions about dog flea treatments

Can flea treatments harm my dog?

Flea treatments are safe when used according to the instructions. It's important to administer flea treatments to the correct area of your pup's body, and prevent them from licking the site where the treatment was applied.

How often should I use dog flea treatments?

This depends on the strength of the product that you choose to use. Some treatments can offer protection for several months, while others have to be applied every month to remain effective. Check the instructions on the box and remember to keep up-to-date with treatments. 

Are flea treatments harmful to humans?

Provided you carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions and wait until the solution applied to your dog has dried thoroughly, the risks are very minimal. As with all treatments or medicinal products, keep well out of the way of children. 

How do I choose the right flea treatment?

Most flea products will work across several dog breeds, as long as the right dosage is used. If you're unsure of what to choose, it's recommended that you consult your vet.

When should I start flea treatments on my puppy?

Some treatments can be administered at the age of four weeks, in the form of tablets that can prevent the appearance of flea infestations. However, as with all puppy treatments, your veterinarian can probably offer you the best advice, so we recommend consulting them first. 

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