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Dog Shower & Bath Accessories

Giving your pooch a bath or shower can be tricky, and not to mention - messy! With OnBuy’s range of dog shower accessories and dog bath accessories, you’ll be able to kit out your home with ultra-useful equipment that’ll make bathing time a smoother experience for both you and your pup.

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Looking to buy Dog Shower & Bath Accessories?

Thanks to OnBuy’s extensive collection, bathing your best friend has never been easier! First things first, explore our range of dog bathing equipment to find the perfect dog bathtub for your pup’s age and size - and pick up a clever dog shower head that’ll help save water. Once they’re nice and fresh, keep them warm with a snazzy dog bathrobe for the ultimate pamper treat.

If you’re a pet parent with more space, opt for a nifty dog booster bath that’ll give you 360° access to your pooch - making their grooming routine an oh-so-easy task. Of course, you’ll also need to stock up on shampoo and conditioner to keep their coat soft and clean - so, browse our category for the perfect gentle picks for all fur types!

Frequently asked questions about dog showers & baths 

Should I give my dog a bath every day or once every week?

In general, it's recommended to give your dog a bath once a month and no more than once a week. Cleaning your dog too frequently can remove essential oils from their coat and skin. However, just like humans, the individual needs of your dog will differ to that of another. For example, if your dog doesn't usually get dirty and doesn't smell, you can go a couple of months without a bath. You can stick with the usual rule of thumb or bathe only when the hair feels uncomfortable on your hand. Alternatively, if frequent grooming is needed, you can brush your dog's fur daily and apply some fragrant dog deodorant to mask any musky smells. 

How can I get my dog to like baths?

The easiest way to make sure your dog feels secure enough to like baths is to put them in the bath with no water initially. If your dog enjoys being brushed, brush them in the bath with no water to get them used to the surroundings. Alternatively, use positive reinforcement in the form of treats while they're in an empty bath to create a positive association with the bathtub and rewards. Gradually add a little bit of water each time to get them used to having water in the tub, and introduce bathing slowly, keeping sessions short at first. Another option is to buy a bathing mat. These mats help your dog feel balanced and comfortable in the bathtub while also providing traction.

Is Febreeze a good substitute for giving my dog baths?

Never use any household or human deodorisers on your pets. Some of the things we do to enhance our environment can pose serious dangers to ourselves and our animal friends, whether furry, feathered or scaled. By way of illustrating, the Environmental Working Group did a study and found more than 80 contaminants in these types of products, so you should certainly keep them away from your dogs and give them a bath instead. Dog deodorants are another great way to keep your dog smelling fresh while keeping them safe, which is perfect if you don't have the time to frequently bathe your four-legged friend. 

Why do dogs still smell after a shower?

If your dog still smells after a shower, look for the source of the stink to contain it. Your dog's odour may be coming from its skin, as oily scents can emit from sweat that's released via the paw pads. When dogs scratch, they can spread the oils all over their coat. Another source of smell could be the ears or mouth. When bathing your dog, ensure you examine these areas and clean them thoroughly. For an extra burst of fragrance, use a dog shampoo. 

Can I let my dog shower with me?

Showering with your dog isn't recommended for a number of reasons, the first being hygiene. Second, the temperature. When showering your dog, the water should be lukewarm as they have sensitive skin. As you likely prefer the water hotter than that, you could burn or irritate the dog's skin if you shower with them. Also, it would be difficult to protect the dog from human-formulated shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, which would be another irritant and could even result in allergic reactions and ear infections. Stick with the usual dog showers or baths for your pet.

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