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Dish up a selection of nutritious (and delicious!) meals for your hungry hound with OnBuy's huge selection of dog food. Featuring all the essentials for each important life stage, plus a tail-wagging selection of flavours to choose from, you'll find everything you need for your favourite four-legged friend right here on our dog food shop. Bone Appétit! 

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Looking to buy Dog Food?

We understand that, when it comes to your four-legged family members, only the best of the best will do – and that all starts with their diet! Here on OnBuy, you’ll find a wide variety of dog food that’s been specifically formulated to suit each and every important stage in their life, from pup to senior and everything in between. Just like us, the dietary requirements of your pets will differ from dog to dog, whether that’s due to the specific needs of your dog’s breed, health conditions or, simply, personal taste! So whether you’re looking for senior dog food with joint support or adult dog food with digestive care, we’ve got a huge selection of nutritious and delicious meals to satisfy every taste bud, health requirement and age here on OnBuy - giving you everything you need to ensure your pooch lives the happiest and healthiest life possible, paw-some!

What should I feed my dog? 

Dogs are carnivorous creatures by nature, meaning they require a diet that’s rich in animal proteins rather than plant-based proteins. That being said, man’s best friend still needs some yummy vegetable derivatives to keep their vitamin levels in check. In addition to this, dogs require a fair amount of fibre to keep them energised for a full day of fun and play. Crunchy cereals (in proportion) such as wheat, corn and rice are a great source of energy for dogs and can even help to optimise the transit time of food through their gut. So, when it comes to choosing what to feed your pooch, your best bet is to opt for a diet consisting mainly of animal proteins with some moreish veggies and cereal morsels thrown into the mix. Not only will this keep your dog healthy and active, but it will also keep their diet varied and tasty – something which is just as important to your pooch as it is to us humans! 

For reference, The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition recommends feeding your hungry hounds a varied diet where 50% of calories come from wet food and the other 50% comes from dried food.

Among our selection of dog foods, we have everything from frozen variety bags of meat and veggies to pre-prepared wet food sachets and super-sized bags of crunchy kibble, perfect for every pet owner’s needs. Wet food sachets are ideal if you’re limited on time, providing the perfect-sized portion of nutrient-packed food at your fingertips. We have loads of different trusted household names to choose from, including James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin and Pedigree to name but a few. So, dive right in and let the taste sensation begin. 

How much should I feed my dog? 

The amount of food you should feed your dog can vary for a multitude of reasons, from the size of your dog to their breed, age, lifestyle and individual health requirements. As a general rule of thumb, always check the back of your dog food pack and follow the guidelines given. If you’re unsure how much food your dog needs or seeking additional clarification, always contact your vet.

When assessing how much you should feed your dog, you need to look at their shape as well as their weight. Dogs should be lean, which means you should be able to feel their ribs through a slight fat cover when you run your fingers firmly over their side. Obesity in dogs is linked to shorter lifespans and diseases, such as osteoarthritis, which can be prevented by making some simple dietary adjustments. 

Frequently asked questions about dog food

How many types of dog food are available?

Dry food (also known as kibble), wet food and mixed food are the most popular types of dog food. Most dog food brands offer products tailored to the age of your dog. Examples include puppy food and food for senior dogs. These dog foods have different nutritional profiles to support your dog’s health as they grow. Food for dogs on specialist diets, such as working dog food, is also available.

What type of dog food is best?

This depends on the specific needs of your dog and their age. For example, puppies need dog food that can sustain them as they develop, while senior dogs enjoy dog food that can be digested more easily. Your veterinarian can offer suggestions and tips for picking a suitable type of food for your dogs.

What should I feed my dog mainly?

Your dog will get all the nutrients they need if you feed them only dry kibble. However, many owners like to treat their dog to a variety of wet food as well. It’s important to remember that all dog breeds are different, and their needs will vary. A diet that works brilliantly for one dog might be too much, or not enough, for another.

Is it safe to use raw meat and bones as dog food?

Giving your dog raw meat as food is a bad idea, as the risk from food borne illnesses like salmonella is high - for both your dog and you! You can catch food borne illnesses from preparing raw meat for your dog.

Raw bones are another story: raw bones are healthier for your dog then cooked ones because cooked bones can splinter as your dog chews them. Giving your dog a raw bone once or twice a week to gnaw on can help remove plaque from their teeth. Just make sure to clean all the raw meat from the bone before you hand it over, and always ensure the bone is large enough that your dog can’t fit the whole thing inside their mouth at once.

Should I buy dog food online?

Yes. Dog food bought from OnBuy is identical to one sold in pet stores, and you can enjoy better prices as well as the convenience of home delivery.

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