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Bring your outdoor space to life this season and keep your buzzy, fuzzy friends feeling happy, healthy, and helpful, courtesy of OnBuy’s fabulous selection of beehives. Whether you’re a beekeeping beginner or a honey connoisseur, we stock plenty of must-hive tools and accessories that’ll kickstart your new hobby in an instant. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles, to perfectly complement your garden and swarm, there really is something for every budget and buyer in our extensive online collection. Explore the range today… you’ll simply be buzzing to see them! 

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Looking to buy Beehives?

Here at OnBuy, we think that bees deserve the best, and this should start with their home. Whether you’ve already started your own setup, or are keen to establish a colony from the comfort of your garden, our heavenly selection of hives is sure to give you a helpful head-start. Stocking a variety of wooden models from a plethora of industry-leading brands, including Gardman, Westland, Esschert Design, and Tectake, our range is truly versatile, and certainly worth exploring. So, what are you waiting for? It’s nothing short of the bees knees!

What is a beehive?

Fundamentally, a beehive is an enclosed structure in which many honey bee species live, raise their young, and use honeycomb cells to store food. Honey bees are fascinating creatures. They collaborate in such a way that’s difficult for us humans to comprehend, working together to form a colony that acts as one fully-operational organism. Each individual plays a significant role, from workers, to queens, to drones, and the home simply couldn’t survive without all three.

Before you jump in and start ordering supplies, it’s important to understand the hierarchy of a hive, and the materials that bees can produce in terms of structure and sanitation. Wax is everywhere in a hive, making a series of interlocking hexagonal cells that form the basis of honey production and pollen storage. To supply the sticky golden substance, a worker bee sucks nectar from a flower through her proboscis, storing it in a sack within the throat, and carries it back towards the hive, mixing it with enzymes in her saliva along the way. This begins the process of ripening, which essentially gives the resultant honey its rich and sweetened flavour. Last but not least, expect to see some propolis, or ‘bee glue’. A super sticky material used for filling and insulating purposes, it’s perfect for patching small holes. 

What beekeeping supplies do I need?

Aside from your hive, there are a number of other accessories and supplies worth considering before the fun can begin and, with OnBuy in your apiary arsenal, you’ll never have to worry about bee-related blunders again! First and foremost, it’s time to invest in some proper protective clothing. Getting stung is an inevitable part of the beekeeping process but, when you have the correct coverings, you’re far less likely to feel intense pain. A veil protects your head and face, while gloves are commonly used to – you’ve guessed it – shield your hands and arms! A bee suit can defend your whole body against nasty nips, but wearing full-length clothes is usually just enough. 

Bee kits, including smokers and other paraphernalia, will calm the creatures before you check on them, helping you to harvest any honey without disturbing or interrupting their work. Hive tools, scrapers, and uncapping scratchers can all be used to remove accumulations of wax and propolis on your hive components, and are therefore extremely handy when releasing honey from the comb. For this task specifically, you may also want to purchase one of OnBuy’s helpful honey extractors

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