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Secateurs & Pruners

If you’re looking to prune, these products are a boon! In this category you’ll find a wide range of gardening secateurs (or pruners, if you prefer) that will let you cut to your heart’s content. Check out our sellers’ anvil, bypass and ratchet pruners now!

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Looking to buy Secateurs & Pruners?

I’ve you’re about to start gardening for the first time, you’ve reached this category in the ‘snip’ of time! Garden secateurs are one of the most essential, perhaps the most essential, objects in a gardeners toolbox. These small-bladed implements let you trim back and prune plants to improve their appearance and physical well-being simultaneously. It would be a horticultural horror if you didn’t explore what our verified sellers have to offer…

Defining terms

Two things before we go any further. The first is that you’ll notice that we use the terms pruners and gardening secateurs interchangeably in this category. You may be asking yourself is there a difference between the two. The simple answer is no. Gardening secateurs and pruners are not different tools, they’re different names for the same thing. Secateurs is more popular in the UK, whereas pruners became the popular term in the United States and Canada.

The other thing we’d like to mention is there’s really no such thing as tree pruners. While they’ll do fine when removing small twigs or cutting fruit from your trees, the secateurs in this category aren’t large enough to cut through tree branches. If you’re looking for tree pruners, head over to our shears and loppers category, where you’ll find plenty of tree cutters with long handles and powerful bark cutting blades.

The three types of garden secateurs

Almost all pruners fall into one of three types: bypass, anvil and ratchet secateurs. This is important to keep track of when ordering your pruners because they operate in slightly different ways. The most popular type are bypass secateurs because they create a very clean cut. They have two blades that pass by one another like a pair of scissors. One’s blunt and the other is very sharp, which is why the cut is so clean. Bypass gardening secateurs are the best tools for cutting newer, green growth.

The other most popular type of gardening secateurs is anvil pruners. These secateurs also have two blades but instead of passing by one another the sharper, thinner one clamps down on the thick blunt on like a hammer on an anvil. They’re useful for cutting through dead wood as well as thicker, woodier stems. Ratchet secateurs take either anvil or bypass pruners and add a mechanism on the side to ratchet up torque. Using one of these tools you’ll be able to cut through branches that would be too tough to manage otherwise and are great for gardeners with strength or mobility issues.

Secateurs and Pruners FAQs

What's the difference between pruners and secateurs?

Pruners and secateurs are the same thing. Depending on where you live, you may call them either pruners or secateurs.

What are secateurs?

Secateurs are strong scissors that can cut small branches or young trees. They can also be used to harvest garden produce, like pumpkins.

What are the different types of secateurs?

There are two main types of secateurs: bypass and anvil. The bypass ones are more popular, and they always come in handy in your garden.

What kind of pruner do I need for my garden?

This will depend on the condition and gardening requirements of your garden. However, bypass pruners are the most popular as they're versatile and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Anvil pruners, on the other hand, are better reserved for more heavy-duty gardening jobs as they're typically larger and heavier making them more difficult to use.

What's the difference between bypass pruners and anvil pruners?

Anvil pruners are similar to knives, while bypass pruners cut like scissors. As a result, anvil pruners tend to crush plant stems, whereas bypass pruners slice cleanly right through them leaving a healthier stem.

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