About Fiskars Secateurs

The snow covered forests and icy tundra that make up Finland might not be the first places that come to your mind when you think about perfectly kept gardens, but Finnish metallurgists Fiskar intend to prove otherwise! With a combination of quality craftsmanship that stretches back over three hundred years and famous Nordic design that marries comfort and ingenious functionality, you won’t regret purchasing a set of Fiskar secateurs!

Anvil versus bypass Fiskar secateurs

Fiskar makes two main varieties of secateurs: Anvil and bypass. Anvil secateurs work similarly to a knife - the cutting blade of the pruner comes to rest on the flat of the opposite blade once it’s cut through the plant material. It’s easier to cut with this type of Fiskar secateurs, as you don’t have to hit the right angle everytime. As long as the blade meets the anvil, you’ll separate the material. This makes them great for chopping through thick, dead wood, as you can worry at the branch without damaging the pruners. But they’ll damage the delicate ends of buds. For those sensitive tasks, turn to bypass secateurs.

Bypass secateurs use two blades that closely pass each other when you squeeze the jaw shut. These types of Fiskar pruners are excellent for making cuts that affect the health of the plant, because their cuts are cleaner and less likely to crush surrounding plant matter. They’re less convenient though, and you’ll have to keep them razor sharp. So which one should you purchase? The simple answer is one of each! An expert gardener will have need for both types of Fiskar secateurs as they tend their garden. In this category, you’ll find an equal number of anvil and bypass secateurs.

Fiskar secateur designs

Whether you’re buying anvil or bypass pruners, Fiskar make a fantastic range from the finest steel. Fiskar pruners will keep their edge and last for longer than many of their competitors, and their smooth handle contours and expertly crafted springs, they’re comfortable to use too. You can pick up full size Fiskar secateurs from this edit, as well as much smaller pruners which are ideal for pruning small, delicate plants like flowers and bonsai trees.

Some of the Fiskar secateurs you’ll find in this category are part of Fiskar’s Power X range. These gardening tools have a specially designed gearing mechanism rather than a simple pivoting nut. These gears provide extra force at the middle of the cut where resistance is greatest, meaning you have to put less pressure into every cut. These Fiskar pruners are amazing for gardeners with low grip strength and for anyone trimming the toughest plants. 

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