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Baby Bottle Sterilisers

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Sterilising is a crucial aspect of newborn feeding as it helps protect your little ones immune system from harmful bacteria. Whether you'd prefer a microwave steriliser or an electric option, OnBuy has it all here ready for you to browse! Read More >
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About Baby Bottle Sterilisers

Keeping your little one happy and healthy is a full time job. With our range of sterilising equipment, from brands like Philips Avent, MAM and BEABA, you'll be able to protect them from harmful bacteria buildup in baby bottles.

Microwave sterilisers

Compact, easy-to-use and designed to sterilise multiple bottles at once, a microwave steriliser is ideal for any home. Killing 99.9% of germs in just a few minutes, these handy gadgets will ensure you're always prepared for feeding time.

Electric sterilisers

Our range also showcases a variety of innovative electric sterilisers, perfect for fast and fail-safe bottle and accessory sterilising. With just a click of a button, your little one's bottles, cutlery and other accessories will be thoroughly cleaned.