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Looking to buy Pyrex Bowls?

One of the biggest cookware companies in the world, Pyrex were formed in 1915 off the back of their incredibly tough glass products. Since then, the French company has gone from strength to strength, creating a terrific assortment of glass cooking utensils. In this category, we’ve collected all the Pyrex bowls our trusted sellers have to offer. Whether you love  whipping cream for a trifle or creating a bechamel sauce for homemade mac and cheese, these rock solid glass bowls will last a lifetime of mixing, stirring and beating.

The benefits of Pyrex glass

Pyrex made their name with their patented borosilicate glass. This special glass is made from a combination of silica and boron trioxide, two compounds which together create an iron strong glass that can withstand heat of up to 300°C. First used to make scientific beakers, it wasn’t long until Pyrex recognised how useful this glass could be in the kitchen.

We all know why Pyrex glass makes such good cookware, but why should you invest in pyrex bowls? Well for one, that temperature resistance doesn’t go one way. Pyrex’s borosilicate glass can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C. That’s much colder than your standard home freezer is set to, making Pyrex bowls excellent places to safely store frozen ingredients and leftovers.

With their incredible thermal shock resistance, you can move these bowls straight from the freezer to the oven without a single crack. Another top reason to shop Pyrex bowls is the scratch resistant nature of the glass. You can whisk egg whites to the stiffest of peaks time and time again without it showing on the bowl’s bottom.

Pyrex bowl designs

Some Pyrex bowls blend the mixing space of a bowl with the pouring power of a jug. These high brimmed chefs bowls have a specially contoured base that allows the bowl to rest at a 35° angle. This gives both right handed and left handed chefs the perfect angle to mix from. These Pyrex bowls also have a wide spout at one end, letting you pour the mixture out into a waiting cake mould or baking tray. 

Many of these Pyrex bowls have snap top lids. This provides a top way to store food, as you’re guaranteed an airtight seal that lasts for multiple resealings. Shop these Pyrex bowls and you’ll never have to waste cling film covering them up.

You can also buy sets of Pyrex bowls as well. If you know you’re going to be prepping wet and dry ingredients separately these bowl sets are an excellent solution. Most pyrex bowl sets include more than one size of bowl, so you can use two to measure out ingredients and the third, largest bowl to mix them together.

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