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Baby Corner Guards & Cushioned Edge Protectors

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Children love to explore and run around, but they will not know to be careful when it comes to sharp edges and corners in the home. Protect your little ones with OnBuy's range of edge protectors and corner guards today. Read More >
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About Baby Corner Guards & Cushioned Edge Protectors

Baby corner protectors

The little ones often hurtle around the corner without realising how fast they are going only to end up with a bump - luckily, preventing this is as easy as picking up a selection of baby corner guards!  

From rubber corner guards and foam corner cushions, you'll find all the bits and bobs needed to protect your little ones from bumps and bruises in our range of corner guards for babies.

Baby edge protectors

Edge protectors are important from stopping your children hurting themselves in your home. Often children explore areas that adults don’t such as kitchen cabinets which sometimes have sharp edges.

There is a broad selection of protectors including specially-made foam edge protectors through to outdoor edge protectors. Letting your little ones free to roam around your home will be safer than before with our choice of goods.