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Airfix Model Kits

A synonym for ‘ideal’ is ‘model’, and that describes Airfix model kits perfectly! Step into OnBuy’s virtual hobby shop to find some of the best Airfix model kits around. We have a massive number of Airfix WW2 kits, including vehicles, aircraft and infantry. You’ll also find top Airfix models from other eras as well. Get shopping!

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Looking to buy Airfix Model Kits?

It might seem strange, but Airfix began producing plastic model kits by accident as part of a promotional campaign. Miniatures enthusiasts all over the world must be glad that this happy accident occured, because this British company went on to be one of the greatest model makers around! 

OnBuy are proud to present our Airfix model kits category, stuffed with all kinds of amazing models. Whatever kind of models you like to build, you’ll find the very best Airfix model kits in this collection!

Airfix WW2 kits

Aircraft dominated the skies of the Second World War, and with Airfix model kits you can create your own squadron of aerial duelists. Every variety of fighting aircraft is represented - interceptors like the Hawker Hurricane and Messerschmitt Bf 109, bombers like the Avro Lancaster and the B-25 Mitchell, and ground attack vehicles like the P-47 Thunderbolt and Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik. 

Although first created for the mud-soaked trenches of the First World War, it was not until World War 2 that tanks became an essential asset for military commanders. These titans of the battlefield are among some of the best Airfix model kits for collectors, with a huge variety of period armour. 

Classic tanks from both Axis and Allied factions are present and correct. You can pick up Airfix models of the sturdy T-34, the adaptable M4 Sherman, the fearsome Tiger I and its even more terrifying descendant, the King Tiger.

As well as these iconic vehicles, you'll also find many Airfix model kits for lesser known tanks, such as the rocket firing Sherman Calliope, the Churchill Crocodile flame tank or the Stug III Assault Gun, the most widely produced German tank of the war. 

Although tanks and planes may be the most eye-catching WW2 Airfix models in our selection, Airfix also manufactures a range of WW2 infantry models. Airfix have devoted just as much care and attention to the foot soldiers of the world’s bloodiest conflict. As with the aircraft and armour, you can choose period accurate troops from across the globe, from Wermacht Panzergrendiers to American Marines.

Other Airfix model kits

Although WW2 figures are the most popular kind of Airfix model kits, there are plenty more Airfix miniatures that collectors will find impossible to resist. Airfix have created models for popular civilian and military vehicles from the modern age, from the Volkswagen Beetle to the Boeing AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. You can also find Airfix model kits of First World War infantry, aircraft and tanks. Some Airfix models are literally out of this world - look closely for miniature versions of the Saturn V and Space Shuttle!

Lastly, Airfix models are thoroughly greyscale when they come out of the box and need careful painting to look their best. So make sure to head to our Airfix paints selection. There you’ll find high quality Airfix brand paints and painting accessories to bring your fantastic Airfix models to life.

Customers love our best-selling Airfix Model Kits

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