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Lilos and Inflatable Pool Loungers

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Pool loungers come in many shapes, sizes and colours, for both adults and children. Our sellers have everything from your standard lilos to more funky and quirky pool loungers, such as flip flops or floating chairs, so you’re spoilt for choice when choosing your perfect lounger. Read More >
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About Lilos and Inflatable Pool Loungers

Where Can Pool Loungers Be Used?

Pool loungers are designed for swimming pool use, some are designed specifically for adults and some for children, and require supervision of an adult when the lounger is in use. If you’re after a pool lounger, there are different types; some pool loungers are designed to hold you partially submerged in the water to keep you cool and relaxed, but this may not be ideal if you are seeking a sun tan! Others completely hold you above the water almost like an airbed, so you can dry off, stay warm and benefit from maximum sun exposure.

While loungers are not normally designed specifically for use in the sea, it obviously happens. For sea or lake use it’s actually more recommended to use floating chairs or recliner pool loungers as these allow you more awareness of your surroundings compared with a standard lilo.

Which Pool Lounger should I choose?

Poolside loungers and chairs in particular have a grand variety of options for materials they’re made out of, what they look like and how they are used. While the aesthetic choices are up to you and whatever appeals to you, it’s important to choose the right functional use for the lounger.

Socially, chairs and reclining loungers (that support your back/neck in the water into more of a relined position) make it easier to converse or interact with your fellow pool-visitors, as well as making it easier to read a book in the pool. Traditional lilos are designed to have you lie down on your back or front and this means engaging in conversation or reading a book isn’t as comfortable – but traditional pool loungers are designed to be the most relaxing way of enjoying your lazy pool day.

Generally, budget is also a factor. What would you like to spend will also help to determine what options of lounger that you have; You can go full deluxe, with additional features like headrests, drink holders and high quality materials, or you can keep it affordable and get a simple lilo that doesn’t matter if, by the end of the holiday, it’s had its day.