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Record Players

Get the most out of your music with a record player from OnBuy’s online audio shop! From vintage varieties to modern marvels, portable picks to supersized systems, you'll find a wide selection of vinyl players in this category. Whatever you choose, you’ll be spinning with delight!

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About Record Players

For decades, a record player was the only way to listen to music, and vinyl lovers around the world competed to create the best record player setup. Then cheap CD players and tape decks arrived, and it looked like the humble vinyl player would go extinct... 

After lying dormant for a few years, record players are making a massive comeback! Thanks to their superior sound, retro appeal, and the tactile pleasures that come with handling those groovy black discs, record players have thousands of new fans. Whether you’re just starting on your vinyl collection or you need to replace an old record player that’s bitten the dust, you’ll find a range of great machines in this category in a variety of price points. 

Vinyl player varieties: What to look out for

Not all record players are the same, and you’ll have to make some key decisions spending on what you want out of your new vinyl spinner. One early choice you’ll make is between belt-driven or direct drive record players, which have a motor directly underneath the record platter. Belt-driven vinyl players are the audio engineer’s choice, as they guarantee less distortion than belt-fed models. They’re trickier to set up and take more time to get up to speed than a direct drive, though. If you’re a DJ a direct drive record player is a must: You simply won’t be able to match beats or scratch effectively on a belt-drive machine.

Another element you’ll need to consider is what kind of turntable speeds you’ll use to play records. The vast majority of record players, even the cheaper options, play records at both 33⅓ rpm (the standard speed for LPs) and 45 rpm (the speed for 7" single records). There’s one more speed, 78 rpm, that’s quite rare, as it fell out of popularity among record companies in the 1950s. But if you’ve got a collection of ancient blues, jazz, country or swing records, make sure to purchase a vinyl layer with a 78 rpm speed setting.

Record players in the digital age

Record players are undoubtedly an analogue technology, but these days many record players are packed with digital technology that makes them more flexible. For example, along with the traditional wired turntables, some of the record players in this collection have built-in Bluetooth ariels, letting you transmit the sound from your record player to wireless speakers. 

Another digital feature common among modern vinyl players is the ability to record your vinyl records, creating a digital copy of their tracks. This feature is amazing for people with collections of rare or out-of-print records. Can’t find an MP3 version of Switched On Bach? Create your own with these amazing record players.

A vinyl player is only as good as the records you spin on it. To ensure you play the very best tunes on your new turntable, check out the OnBuy Vinyl records category. And there’s no point investing in an expensive record player if you’re not going to get some top-of-the-line speakers to go with it. Depending on the model you choose, you might also need an amplifier or preamp to go along with it.

Frequently asked questions about record players 

Is it worth buying a record player?

If you love listening to records and music on vinyl then this is a no-brainer - it's definitely worth it. Available in small, portable suitcase-style designs or large units with speakers, you'll be able to find a record player to suit all of your needs. 

Are record players electronic?

Yes. Most modern record players connect to the mains and work when you turn them on. Some have built-in speakers while others need to be connected to external speakers. Antique record players need to be wound manually in order to work but, nowadays, they are almost all electronic.

How does a record player play music?

Although it may seem simple, the history behind record players is long and filled with the science of soundwaves. In short, a record player uses a needle to "read" the vinyl disc, translates the grooves into electromagnetic waves which then translates into soundwaves that are emitted through the speakers. It's a really interesting piece of technology!

Do I also need speakers for my record player?

It depends on the record player you opt for. Some models of record players come with built-in speakers. However, the sound quality may not be as good as an external speaker could offer. If you are very passionate about your music, you might want to buy some external speakers for your record player to get the most out of your vinyl.

What's the difference between a record player and a turntable?

Technically speaking, a turntable is the spinning platter that your vinyl record sits on when you play it, while a record player is the whole machine. Commonly the two words are used interchangeably, which is where the confusion comes from.

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