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Hamster Bedding

We all want the best for our animals and hamsters are no exception. Treat them to luxuriously soft bedding to line their home with OnBuy’s selection of hamster bedding. From wood shavings to recycled paper bedding, we’ve got everything your hamster needs to live a happy life. 

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Looking to buy Hamster Bedding?

Hamsters are a classic childhood pet. Their beady eyes, mischievous personalities and stumpy little tails charm children and adults of all ages. As with any pet who lives indoors though, they need good quality bedding to line their cage with. Whether you keep them in a tank or a cage, you can find the perfect bedding for your pet hamster right here.

What hamster bedding is best?

You’ll want to pick a bedding type that is absorbent and warm for your hamster. Hamsters tend to dig and burrow in their bedding so you probably want to ensure it is soft as well.

Wood shavings are an affordable and eco-friendly option for hamster bedding which is widely available. Typically made from pine wood, these naturally biodegradable shavings have a subtle, natural wood fragrance that can help to cover up the smell of the hamster urine (which can be quite potent) between cleans.

Paper bedding is another popular option for hamsters. The soft flakes of paper come in all sorts of different colours, making them an attractive choice. It is absorbent and will dry out quickly. Don’t confuse this bedding with recycled paper pellets though - those are more suited to litter trays as opposed to full cage coverage.

Wood chip bedding is another option you can choose which looks like small shreds or sticks of wood (instead of shavings). This type of bedding is less soft than the previous examples. I

t is not recommended that you use hay or straw for hamster bedding as they tend to store anything and everything in their cheek pouches. Strands of hay or straw can damage the delicate inner lining of their pouches and cause injuries to their eyes.

How to clean a hamster cage

Your hamster’s cage will need to be cleaned regularly in order to keep the hamster happy and healthy and to make sure their cage doesn’t smell. It’s recommended that you regularly spot clean their cage as well, making sure to remove any wet patches, faeces, and food (especially fresh fruit or veg) in between deep cleans. Hamster urine contains ammonia which can also be harmful to you both in large amounts so make sure you are doing a full deep clean at least once a week.

First, you’ll need to remove your hamster. It’s best to wait until they wake up naturally during the afternoon or evening so you don’t disturb them while they’re asleep.

Put them in a suitable playpen or carry case where they can be left while you clean up. Next, take out any houses and toys you don’t want to throw away and tip out all of the old bedding and food into a bin bag.

Once you’ve done that, wipe down the cage with a small-animal safe cleaner to help get rid of bad smells, germs and bacteria. Wipe again with a dry cloth and allow to dry fully.

Once you’ve done that and the cage is fully dry again, spread an even layer of the bedding back in the base of the cage. Hamsters like to burrow and dig and are likely to ‘redecorate’ their homes when you put them back in so be generous with the amount of bedding you give them. Replace their houses and toys and refill their food bowl and water bottle before you return your hamster to their home.

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