Swimming Pool Toys and Pool Inflatables

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Pool toys and inflatables are an enjoyable way to enhance your swimming pool experience. While some inflatables are designed specifically for babies, toddlers and children, others are more adult orientated, with cup holders and other ways to make lounging in the pool even better. Explore OnBuy's range today. Read More >
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About Swimming Pool Toys and Pool Inflatables

Pool Inflatables

When buying a pool inflatable, it’s important to consider how it will be used. Take into account the measurements of your pool to ensure the float will fit comfortably with room to spare.

For larger pools or beaches, bigger family-sized floats and rafts might be more appropriate.

It’s also worth considering the materials the pool inflatables are made from and the storage space you’ll need to house them. While inflatables can be easily collapsed and stored away, foam and solid pool toys cannot, so they will require more space.

Similarly, the material and construction of the pool inflatable should be taken into consideration before use. While a lightweight float would be suitable for a swimming pool, to deal with debris and stones at a beach you’d want to select a more robust inflatable.

It’s also important to consider who will be using the inflatable, and for what purpose. While some inflatables, such as pool loungers are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing, they will not be as popular with children looking for pool toys.