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Floating Chemical Dispensers

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If you’re a pool or hot tub owner, you’ll understand just how important it is to keep the water clean, clear and safe all season long. And with a handy floating chemical dispenser in your line-up, sanitising and maintaining proper pH levels has never been easier! Explore OnBuy’s range today. Read More >
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About Floating Chemical Dispensers

Chlorine and bromine tablets make it easy to keep water sanitised whilst maintaining the proper pH level. Putting the tablets inside a floating chemical dispenser makes the job even more effortless! Floating around the pool or hot tub, a handy dispenser distributes a continual supply of sanitiser to keep the water in check. 

Showcasing a brilliant range of dispensers from specialist swimming pool and hot tub brands like Life and GAME, OnBuy’s collection is bound to have something to suit your needs. Easy to use and ultra-effective, these floating dispensers can be easily adjusted for a customised clean - what more could you want? 

Although chlorine tablets are the more popular and less expensive choice for sanitising pool water, bromine tablets are just as effective. Bromine is far more stable and effective in high temperatures. Which is why it is so commonly used in spas and hot tubs. Chlorine, on the other hand, is more widely used in outdoor pools of a larger size, as natural sunlight helps them to dissolve more easily.

Whichever your choice of chemical, shop on OnBuy for a dispenser that’ll do most of the hard work for you! Remember to monitor chlorine, bromine and pH levels every few days, and replace the tablets as they dissolve.