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Pool Water Testing Kits & Hot Tub Water Testing Kits

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Checking the chemical levels of your water doesn't have to be a chore; browse our varied selection of water testing kits for an easy way to test the water in your pool or hot tub - leaving you to get back to focusing on your diving! Read More >
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About Pool Water Testing Kits & Hot Tub Water Testing Kits

A water test kit is the ultimate easy way to check the chemical levels in your pool - it has everything you need all in one handy place. Depending on the type of kit, all you'll have to do is dip a strip or the testing machine into the water. A water testing kit is great for an in-depth reading of your pool water's levels so you know exactly what you need to add, plus they show their readings quickly so you can spend more time relaxing and less on maintenance!

For those with permanent pools, a digital pool water tester is a great investment as it'll let you test your water chemical levels over and over again. This is vital if you plan to have your pool a long time, because some elements in the water change at different rates (for example, pH and chlorine levels change daily whereas alkalinity and calcium hardness change weekly) so you should be testing regularly to ensure your pool water is safely balanced.