Swimming Pool Test Strips & Hot Tub Test Strips

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Looking for a quick and easy way to check the chemical levels in your pool? You got it! Explore our range of water testing strips for pools and hot tubs to make sure your chemical levels are balanced, and your water stays clean and ready for a dip. Read More >

About Swimming Pool Test Strips & Hot Tub Test Strips

Testing the chemical levels in your aquatic paradise is not the most fun task (who wouldn't rather be practicing their diving?!), but it's essential to know what the levels are so you can adjust the chemicals accordingly - otherwise you run the risk of the water going cloudy, or even turning green! Browse through our great line-up of water testing strips, featuring a selection from water testing experts LaMotte, to find the perfect solution to getting you one step closer to enjoying your pool or hot tub again. 

We have a wide range of test strips for swimming pools and hot tubs that check a variety of chemical levels in your water and give you an easy way to test the entire pool or tub. The main chemicals you need to check to keep your pool clean and safe are pH, free chlorine, total alkalinity, bromine, and calcium hardness - and we've got a great range of water testing strips that cover these essentials so you can quickly know what your pool needs and get back to lounging poolside! 

We have a selection of pool water test strips that check individual chemical levels too, which come in handy if you've just altered the level of a particular chemical and want to ensure you put in enough to get the right balance, or you want to avoid using a fiddly reagent.