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Toddler Training Cups, Sippy Cups & Toddler Beakers

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The moment your little one is ready to move away from a bottle and onto the next stage is an exciting one. Make sure you have everything you need to make the transition as smooth as possible with our great selection of training cups, sippy cups, and beakers here at OnBuy. Read More >
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About Toddler Training Cups, Sippy Cups & Toddler Beakers

Switching from a bottle over to a training cup or beaker is the perfect way to transition your child onto standard cups. Moving onto standard cups at the right time is important for your child's oral health and development. Drinks flow more slowly through a bottle teat, causing your toddler to take longer to finish their drink. If your toddler is keeping a teat in their mouth for a long time, it can affect their ability to use their tongue which can have a knock on effect on their speech. Drinking from a bottle is fine for babies, but when your child's front teeth are coming in a bottle can negatively impact their growth, causing them to grow in crooked, and even cause tooth decay, making a sippy cup or beaker an essential choice to avoid any problems! 

Training cups are a vital tool for helping your children become accustomed to proper cups, and free-flow cups are great for helping your baby learn to sip instead of suck - much better for their teeth. We have a great range of training cups, sippy cups, and beakers for you to choose from, with pretty colours and designs that are sure to appeal to your little ones.