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Air Gun Pellets

More than just a hunk of metal, a tin of quality air gun pellets makes the difference between missing your target and striking the ten-ring. Whether you’re looking for ammo to practice your target shooting skills, or specialised pest control munitions, you’ll find it in this edit - happy hunting!

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Looking to buy Air Gun Pellets?

So you’ve chosen an air rifle - now you need something to shoot it from! Step into OnBuy’s virtual armoury and see what’s on offer. You’ll soon be convinced we have the best air gun pellets around! 

When you’re firing your air rifle, it’s important that you use the correct calibre of pellets for your gun. Otherwise you’ll be dealing with misfires and jams as well as damaging your expensive longarm! Luckily, we’ve got a wide range of calibres in our edit.

Whether you’re using ultra-light .177 pellets or the more traditional and popular .22 pellets, you’ll find a variety of different types on offer. Our verified sellers might just have a few higher calibre pellets, like 6.35 millimetre in stock. You’ll have to keep perusing to find out!

Air gun pellets for target practice

Air rifle competitions have remained a popular sport for decades now. If you’re looking to put your skills to the test in one of these competitions, you’ll need a lot of practice. There’s no better way to hone your aim than buying some of the target practice air gun pellets among our collection. We have a great selection of streamlined air gun pellets that will keep you on target and make it simple to dial in your aim. These standard air rifle pellets are terrific for target shooting, but we also have a range of specialised pellets specifically designed for target shooting.

Bullet shaped domed pellets are less vulnerable to drop off than regular pellets and so fly further - great for long range plinking! On the other hand, flat-nosed wad cutter pellets are designed to tear large holes in paper, making it easier to see where the munition has hit its target. Wad cutter rounds are standard in many competitions, so practicing with these might give you the edge you’re looking for!

Pellets for pest control

As air guns are subject to less legal restrictions than traditional firearms in many countries, they’ve become a popular choice for pest control among farmers and other rural citizens. As well as our target practice pellets, in this edit you’ll find a number of pellets designed for varmint shooting.  

Rather than maximising accuracy, these air gun pellets are designed to be as lethal as possible. Spiked pellets pierce matted hair, fur and hide, while hollow point pellets expand on impact, ballooning out inside your targets bodies for a quick, clean kill.

It might seem cruel or excessive to use these air gun pellets, but they’re often more humane than using normal pellets for pest control. They’re much more likely to kill outright, whereas a regular pellet would give the animal a slow, agonising death.

Just like our streamlined airgun pellets, you can find .22 pellets and .177 pellets, as well as more esoteric calibres. If you have a nest of rats causing trouble on your property, or flocks of blackbirds picking at your crops, these are the best air pellets for you.

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