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Anal Beads

These pages are dedicated to the anal toys that are as much fun to pull out as they are to push in - welcome to the brilliantly bulbous anal beads collection! With plenty of sizes and shapes available, beginners and experienced users alike can revel in our great selection!

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About Anal Beads

Anal beads are among the most popular kinds of anal sex toys, and it’s no surprise why! With their unisex design, both men and women can get pleasure from them, and they’re a simple way to introduce anal play to your bedroom. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, our selection of anal beads are hard to beat!

Anal Beads designs

A standard set of anal beads is a group of beads made from silicone, steel or glass, joined together with a flexible chord made of a hypoallergenic, safe to clean material. Most beads end with a ring or a handle that allows you to pull the beads out and stops them from getting stuck inside. 

You’ll find anal beads in our category of every size, from positively petite to initially intimidating. Some anal bead toys have evenly sized beads; these beads are the easiest to insert and are great for newcomers to anal sensations. On the other hand, some of our anal beads grow progressively bigger as you move down the chain, upping your arousal with every bead! Most beads are perfectly spherical for easy insertion, although you’ll find some anal beads in the shape of hearts and more.

Although most anal beads follow the same design, there are a few variations. Some anal beads are curved at one end. Designed for men, these anal beads rub up against the prostate for maximum stimulation. You might also find rigid anal beads in these pages. These beads have a semi-rigid thin shaft that lets you push all of the beads in (and pull them out) very quickly at once - not for the faint of heart!

How can I use anal beads?

One thing that makes anal beads so popular is that they make it easy to pace yourself. Anal sex can get overwhelming, particularly if you take things too quickly. Because each bead is separated by the chord, you or your partner have plenty of time to adjust to the new sensation before inserting a new bead. This makes smaller anal beads perfect for relaxing your body and warming up for anal sex.

A set of small anal beads are surprisingly comfortable to pair with other sensations, too. The feel of your partner grinding against them gives PIV sex a whole new dimension, and if you're flying solo, you can pair them with a choice from our Dildos category!

They're also one of the few sex toys that let you move while you're using them! Without getting too graphic, the size difference between many anal beads and the chord that connects them means that there's little risk of them popping out unexpectedly. They’re fantastic for a variety of roleplay scenarios and for giving your partner a sexy surprise when they take off your underwear. Just make sure to pick up a set of anal beads with a handle or ring on the end. You don’t want your anal beads getting stuck up there!

Anal beads FAQs

What is the difference between anal beads and butt plugs?

Anal beads are very different from butt plugs. A butt plug is basically a small dildo with a thin tip and a flared base. Anal beads are a series of toys that are connected by a flexible ‘string’. They’re both designed for your derriere, but they feel very different when you wear them.

What kind of lube should I use?

Which lube you should use for your anal beads depends on what material the beads are made from. Silicone-based lube is generally better as it lasts longer, but this kind of lube can damage the surface of toys made from silicone. If your anal beads are made from silicone, use a water-based lube Whichever lube you choose you should use plenty of it for all kinds of anal play.

What material should I get?

Silicone anal beads are perfect, especially for beginners. They are safe to use, nonporous, and they are also very easy to clean – all you need to do is mild soap and warm water. If you’re more experienced you can try anal beads made from stainless steel or glass. Both are still easy to clean but they’re a little heavier for even more pleasure.

What material should I avoid?

You should avoid any sex toy made from non-ABS plastic, PVC or jelly-rubber. This is because they may contain unsafe phthalates, which can cause problems with your body’s hormone production. Silicone, glass and steel beads should all be safe, but be careful about what material the string is made from too. If it’s something porous or hard to clean, like fabric or nylon, you won’t be able to clean the toy properly. If in doubt it’s always better to buy from a trusted, well-known brand.

Why should I get anal beads?

Anal beads are popular because popping them and pulling them out stimulates the sensitive nerves around your anus. Not only are they fun by themselves but they’re a good way of warming your bottom up for anal sex because you control exactly how quickly they enter you.

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