Established more than 80 years ago, Fujitsu have grown from being based solely in Japan to being sold in more than a hundred countries across the world - browse our selection of Fujitsu's technology products and peripherals and see why they're so popular! Read More >

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About Fujitsu

Fujitsu are the number one information and communication technology company in Japan - and from their wealth of expertise comes an innovative range of products designed to help you share information and communicate with people easily. Our range of Fujitsu products is extensive, so whether you're shopping for an upgrade for your business, or want to take your home office to the next level - you'll find the perfect solution here.  

Find a way to speed up the tedious task of document scanning, and make your business run more efficiently with a Fujitsu scanner - they're chock-full of intelligent features designed to save you time. We've got a range of Fujitsu desktop scanners that'll lend themselves perfectly to smaller businesses. With a compact design, their scanners have handy functions like automated hardware to help minimise the amount of time you'll spend scanning your documents, and ultrasonic sensors that alert you when more than one sheet of paper is in the feed - brilliant for avoiding those irritating jams that always seem to happen when you're doing something crucial! 

We've also got a wide selection of Fujitsu flatbed scanners that boast features like rotating document feeders, allowing you to use the scanner with your left or right hand, and adjustable paper scanning speeds - perfect if you've got a lot of papers to get through.

As if that wasn't impressive enough, we also have a range of Fujitsu accessories! If your scanner isn't looking as new as it once did, and things like the rollers and pad assemblies are wearing out - replace them with one of our Fujitsu Scanner Consumable Kits, suitable for a range of models, and get your scanner working like new again.