PhD Nutrition

The PhD Nutrition team believe that great nutrition provides great results - that's why they have a team of experts on hand to ensure their sports supplements deliver top support to help you achieve your fitness goals. Browse OnBuy's selection of PhD Nutrition products and find a supplement to help you get the results you want. Read More >

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About PhD Nutrition

Whether you're a workout newbie, a professional athlete, or somewhere in between: we've got you covered with our range of PhD Nutrition sports supplements. The team at PhD Nutrition are athletes themselves, so they understand what it takes for you to prosper in the gym while maintaining your performance driven lifestyle. After all, it's not just about the weights you lift or the cardio you perform - it's about getting the proper nutrients to allow your body to function efficiently and make sure your hard work pays off!

PhD Fat Loss range

Their product ranges have something for everyone, no matter what your requirements are. If you're looking to start a cutting diet plan, lose body fat, or simply manage your weight - check out their Fat Loss range to give you a helping hand as you sculpt your body. Their Fat Loss range includes supplements in the form of soft gels and powders designed to help you lose weight by burning fat so you achieve your goals sensibly without losing muscle. Some of the products featured in their Fat Loss range even double as a post-workout or a meal replacement so you're sure to find something that will work for you. 

PhD Strength & Performance range

Their Strength & Performance range is brilliant for any fitness fanatic looking to not only reach their fitness goals, but smash them! Designed to help you perform stronger, the products in this range feature a range of ingredients to help you improve your performance by providing nutrition to the areas that need it most. Some of the ingredients you'll find in this range are creatine, caffeine, electrolytes, and protein variants - all included to provide you specific support in smashing those targets! 

PhD Recovery range

PhD Nutrition provide you support both in and out of the gym; for great post-workout nutrition check out their Recovery range. Ensuring you're constantly improving your performance isn't as simple as taking performance supplements - you need to ensure you're recovering from your work-out properly so you can go back and kick it up a level the next day! Whether you're looking for an innovative protein blend or capsules brimming with nutrients to aid recovery, you'll find what you need to rebuild in their range of recovery-focused supplements.