Bread Bins

There’s nothing quite like a loaf of fresh bread. Whether you’re enjoying it as a sandwich, with a bowl of hot soup, or just with baked beans, fresh bread is often considered the best part by many. So imagine the disappointment when you go to get a delicious slice only to find the loaf stale and unappetising. Instead of tossing the bread in the bin, keep it in a bread bin instead to keep it as fresh as possible! Browse OnBuy’s selection of breadbins to find the perfect kitchen essential for your home!

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About Bread Bins

Owning a bread bin is one of those adult milestones you don’t expect to reach, but you’re sure glad you do. Sadly, they aren’t magic - your bread won’t last forever in there, however, it will help it to stop it going mouldy or stale too quickly. 

To Bin or Not To Bin - That Is The Question

A bread bin will help to regulate the atmosphere around your bread, much like how the plastic bag does and therefore will keep it at the optimum humidity levels to keep it fresher for longer. 

These handy containers are ideal for storing all kinds of bread products. Loaves of bread, rolls, wraps, and pastries can be kept fresh inside. They are best suited for unsliced loaves as they will keep the outside crust crisp while preserving the moist, chewy integrity of the soft insides. 

Above all, bread bins help to keep your kitchen tidy. When you’ve got one place to keep all of your bread, rolls, and baked goods in, you can ensure your cupboards and counters stay clutter-free. There are some really attractive bread bins out there to match any kitchen decor you have such as ones made from recycled and recyclable materials, metal, wood, or plastic. Rest assured that no matter what design you opt for, your bread will be kept fresh and tasty inside!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bread Bin

So you’ve bought a bread bin, or are seriously considering it, now what? Beyond just sticking your bread in there and hoping for the best, there are some key considerations to take into account. 

First, bread bins are designed to do all the work for you so get rid of that packaging! Any extra packaging around your loaves, boules and crusty rolls are going to harbour too much moisture and make the crusts soft. Too much moisture can also encourage the growth of mould (less than ideal). 

Secondly, if you do find that your bread starts growing some little green or white spots while inside your bread bin, make sure you wash the entire bin out before adding new bread. Mould spreads by leaving spores on surfaces and that can end up on your new loaves, keeping the cycle going. So, wash out the bread bin with warm water and soap and allow to dry fully before using again to prevent more mould issues. 

Although it may be tempting to throw all of your baked goods, crackers, and biscuits into this handy tin, don’t be tempted to overfill your bread bin. Doing so will interrupt the airflow that keeps your bread fresh (part of the reason they tend to be quite large).

So to avoid binning your bread - keep it in a bread bin!

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