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Condoms & Contraceptives

Whoever said that safe sex can't be just as amazing - if not even more - than unprotected sex clearly hasn't tried our selection of ribbed, textured, flavoured and lubricated condoms. With a huge variety of pleasure-enhancing feels, finishes and textures to choose from, we have plenty of condoms to help both you and your partner reach the most intense climax of your lives - every single time! Explore our range of condoms and contraceptives now and discover just how intensely stimulating and exciting safe sex can be!

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Looking to buy Condoms & Contraceptives?

Discover just how exciting and intensely pleasurable safe sex can be with OnBuy’s extensive selection of condoms and contraceptives. From ribbed and dotted designs for her to ultra-thin varieties for him, flavoured variations to spice up your foreplay, female condoms, and even performance delaying condoms to extend the pleasure for even longer, we’ve got something to tease and entice all your sexual desires here on our virtual shelves. With a whole host of different textures, feels and finishes to tempt you, available from all your favourite reputable brands, including Durex, Trojan, Skyn and Pasante, there’s plenty to get both you and your partner excited for your next steamy session here on OnBuy. So, explore our range of condoms and contraceptives now and let the fun begin! 

Can sex feel better with a condom?

While condoms may not be everyone’s first choice in the bedroom, practising safe sex is an important part of any healthy relationship. But does this mean you have to sacrifice feeling and fun to achieve this? Absolutely not!

Condoms have come a long way since they were first invented in the 1800s, evolving from a functional means to prevent STIs and pregnancy to a fun sexual accessory that can enhance feelings of pleasure, excitement and anticipation in the bedroom. With a wealth of different varieties to make sex feel even better for both you and your partner, condoms are a great way to spice up your sex life and enhance intimacy, all while providing the same level of protection as initially intended. It’s a win-win! 

Enhance pleasure for her with a ribbed and dotted condom, sure to hit just the right spot every time! Using a range of strategically positioned textured surfaces, ribbed condoms help to increase stimulation for women, maximising pleasure and helping her reach that all-important climax. For the most exciting sexual experience for both you and your partner, try out the Durex Mutual Climax condom. With ribs and dots on the outer surface to speed her up and benzocaine lube on the inside to slow him down, these condoms are specifically designed to help both you and your partner reach that intense climax you crave. 

For a condom that feels practically weightless, try out a thin feel variety. Designed to reduce the feeling of the condom itself and enhance the feeling of the moment, thin condoms are a great way to maximise sensitivity and sexual pleasure, while still providing superior protection to both partners. With less material between you and your partner, these condoms are sure to provide an intense experience that you’ll both love. 

Another way you can use condoms to spice up your sex life is to try flavoured varieties. Designed to make oral sex more enjoyable and enhance the feelings of anticipation and excitement during foreplay, flavoured condoms are a great way to add new levels to your sex life. With an array of different flavours available on the market today, such as sweet strawberry, mouth-tingling mint and rich chocolate, these condoms are sure to take you both to new worlds of pleasure like never before. 

With all this and more to discover out there, the best sex of your life is just within arm’s reach. So, before you cast the condoms to the side and put you and your partner at unnecessary risk, try some out for yourself – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! 

Frequently asked questions about condoms

Is it embarrassing for women to have condoms?

No, women shouldn’t feel embarrassed to carry condoms, it’s a rather smart idea. As effective as other methods of birth control are, none of them are 100% effective, so making sure your partner wears a condom is always a good idea if you don’t want to get pregnant. Only prophylactics like condoms can protect you from accidentally catching or transmitting STIs, too.

Do condoms come in sizes?

Yes, there are different sizes of condoms. Standard sized condoms will fit almost any penis, although it might slip off or be too tight if it doesn’t fit properly. Many condom manufacturers produce ‘snug’ or ‘magnum’ sizes as well as the regular size.

Can I get pregnant if I use two condoms?

Using two condoms at once, also known as ‘double bagging’, may create enough friction to wear away at the condom material and make them break. This is a widely held belief, but according to this fact sheet produced by American non-profit Planned Parenthood in 2011, there is no evidence to suggest that wearing two condoms at once makes it more likely that they will break. However, you should always follow the guidelines included with the condoms that you buy.

Why are some condoms flavoured?

Flavoured condoms are made for oral sex. Latex doesn’t have a particularly pleasant taste, so the flavourings mask it to make oral sex more fun and enjoyable.

Do condoms ruin all the fun?

Some people claim that using condoms kills the mood or aren’t as pleasurable as unprotected sex. They’re entitled to their opinion, but safe sex is incredibly important, and the protection offered by condoms is unrivalled.

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