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Knock your opponents for six with all of the brilliant cricket equipment you can find in this dedicated OnBuy category. Whether you’re handy with a cricket bat or you’re trying to perfect your spin bowl, you’ll be delighted with our cricket essentials. Next you can pick out that all important protective cricket gear before finishing off with useful cricket accessories.

Often described as the sport of English gentlemen, cricket has its origins in medieval ‘club ball’ games, and the earliest references to the game date back as far as 1598. Thanks to its popularity during the 18th and 19th Centuries - the height of colonialism - this addictive and skillful game is popular around the world, with national teams from every continent competing for trophies. While we can’t promise you victory in the next Ashes tournament, OnBuy and our trusted sellers can offer you a wide range of brilliant cricket equipment to play with.


Let’s begin with the absolute essential cricket gear: bats and balls. Whether you’re a batsman or a bowler, picking up the best equipment for your individual play style is an essential part in carrying you to victory. In this category you’ll find a good mix of low cost options for those new to cricket and high-end professional quality products for dedicated amateurs and club players.

Our line-up of cricket bats include all of the big cricket brand names. You can pick from a startling array of profiles, from designs that emphasize thick edges for serious power to ultralight bats that give a superior pickup for all round players. Material is just as important. Enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that many of our sellers’ cricket bats are made from the finest English Willow, the wood of choice for first class cricket professionals.

Our cricket balls are certain to excite as well! You’ll find high quality cork balls wrapped in leather and ready for play here, plus training balls and bowling machine balls to help batters and bowlers alike step up their game. Our selection of cricket balls come in plenty of colours too: we stock traditional red balls for regular test games, white balls that are perfect for night-time one-day matches that take place under floodlights, pink balls that offer a balance between the two and many more.

As well as our range of adult cricket bats and balls, you’ll find junior sized offerings for child players - Perfect for training and playing with school or junior club teams! Our selection of children’s bats are significantly smaller than the full sized ones, allowing your little cricketer full control over their swings, and are available in plenty of different colours. Many of the children’s cricket balls are softer than normal (closer to tennis balls than professional cricket balls) so you have less cause to worry about injuries when your child plays. 

You’ll also find a selection of high quality wooden and plastic wickets that stay stuck to the ground (or within their mountings if they’re indoor cricket stumps) for hours of play. Many of the cricket bats and balls you’ll see among our virtual shelves come in a set with a trio of wickets, allowing you to start playing immediately.

Cricket Accessories

As well as the essential cricket equipment on offer here, you’ll also come across a wide variety of additional useful cricket gear. Cricket balls are hard and when thrown properly will move very quickly, so it stands to reason that you’d want the protection that our range of cricket pads and other protective gear offers. 

You can shop batting pads that cover your thighs, shins and knees, plus arm pads to protect your wrists and elbows and cricket boxes to protect your most intimate areas. These cricket pads are made from strong, long-lasting and ultralight synthetic materials that shield your body against the fastest hard balls. We also have a range of hard-helmed cricket helmets, complete with wire mesh guards that protect your face from incoming bowls while leaving your view of the pitch unobscured. 

Protection is important, but it’s not the only kind of cricket accessories we stock. A popular type of accessory for batters are replacement grips for their bats. Whether you’re looking to replace the worn out grips of your trusty bat or are looking for a higher quality form of ribbing, you’re certain to be satisfied with the variety of grip designs that our verified retailers stock. Our range of cricketing accessories is so vast and all-encompassing that we couldn’t possibly list them all, but some other examples include professionally formatted innings score book cards, toe guard glue, sweat bands and replacement padding for helmets, bat mallets and more.

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