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Cross Trainers

Are you looking for a home workout solution? Our cross trainers for sale allow you to master your fitness routine like never before. Check out the best home cross trainers now to find the right model for you. From folding cross trainers, cross trainer bikes and many more, buy your cross trainer online today and workout at home, hit your fitness goals and say goodbye to excessive gym memberships.

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Looking to buy Cross Trainers?

What is a cross trainer good for?

OnBuy’s extensive range of cross trainers for sale are a great addition to your home, giving you the chance to complete a full-body-workout at your own pace. With reliable models from the likes of VidaXL and Tectake, you'll have a wide range of cross trainer machines to choose between.

The cross trainers we have for sale in the UK are an indispensable part of your new workout routine. You can work out your upper body, lower body, and core, all at once with the benefit of a cross trainer. The handles attached work your upper body, but once you let go, you will find you are engaging your core, allowing for you to choose which areas of your body you wish to improve. Build up your balance, strengthen your arms, thighs, and abdomen, and improve your overall fitness with a cross trainer from OnBuy.

How do I use a cross trainer?

There are multiple ways to use a cross trainer at home. Holding the handles while pedalling forwards will offer a full body workout, letting go off the handles will allow you to target your core, whereas pedalling backwards (once you have mastered using it) will allow you to directly target your quads, just as you would with squats. The best cross trainer results will come from using it in different ways, but this all depends upon which area of your body you wish to target. Start off low, increase resistance over time, and mix and match your cross trainer technique to suit you.

Is a cross trainer better than an exercise bike?

This really depends on the type of training you intend on doing. Cross trainers can absolutely give you the same results as both a treadmill or an exercise bike, but it depends how you use it. The benefit of this machine is that cross trainer bikes are also available, meaning you can enjoy the benefit of a bike and a cross trainer simultaneously. Other benefits include the fact you can work your chest, back and shoulders with the handles of your cross trainer machine. Some of our products, such as our folding cross trainers, are especially beneficial due to their practicality.

Exercise bikes can prove to be a great form of working out, but you won’t benefit from a full-body workout experience. If you want to target your upper and lower body simultaneously, using a cross trainer machine, a rowing machine, or even a pull-up bar can be a great solution. Our home cross trainers also require less effort than an exercise bike, with the potential to burn more calories due to the engagement of the whole body.

Benefits of cross trainer machines

With some of the best home cross trainers for sale in the UK, you can workout like never before. When you buy a cross trainer for your UK home, there are a huge variety of benefits attached. You no longer need to go to a gym or fitness centre for the best cross trainers around. Instead, buy a cross trainer online and make life easier, bringing your home gym equipment to you. As well as the obvious aspects of convenience, when you buy a cross trainer for your home, there are many health and fitness benefits that you can enjoy.

Lose weight quicker

Cross trainer exercise machines are one of the ways to lose weight. Combining cross trainer machines with the use of a treadmill or exercise bike will help you lose weight quickly. If you aren’t a fan of traditional cycling, we can offer you some of the best cross trainer bikes available to buy. You will burn calories with a cross trainer machine the same way you would when using a treadmill or running, but make sure you are using them correctly! Weight loss is also connected to your current weight, fitness level, as well as age and gender. Check out our range of some of the best home cross trainers in the UK and find the perfect solution for you.

Protect your joints

Especially if you are new to exercise, finding a machine that works for you can prove to be difficult. Our cross trainers for sale have an intuitive design, enabling you to master the technique within a matter of minutes. When using a cross trainer, there is minimal stress on your joints, meaning cross trainer machines offer maximum protection compared to some other forms of exercise. Some of the best cross trainer machines we have for sale are a low impact way of working out, meaning the level of pressure you will experience on your joints is much lower than high impact workouts, such as running. You’ll find benefits from working out with a cross trainer in joints such as your knees, hips, and ankles, meaning you can work out to your full potential for longer. Cross trainers are one of the safest pieces of gym equipment to use, with secured pedals and handles, making your chances of injury exceptionally low.

A full body workout

Burn more calories, in the comfort of your own home. Not every cardio machine can offer you the experience of a full body workout. When you buy a cross trainer exercise machine, your entire body will feel the burn, providing you with maximum results. As well as working your legs, our cross trainers for sale also allow you to engage your arms, working the entire upper body area, as well as your core. Get your chest, shoulders and triceps working with some of the best home cross trainer machines.

When you use a cross trainer, you pedal with your feet, engaging your glutes, with the ability to alter the resistance to suit you and your goals. The best home cross trainer machines for sale are highly adaptable, meaning your workouts allow you to target specific muscle groups to suit your needs.

Increase your strength

You may not associate using a cross trainer with strength building, but it can do exactly that. As well as the benefit of resistance training, you can also increase strength by using one of our best cross trainers in the UK. Increased resistance, in turn, has the result of increased strength. Turn up the resistance with the highly adaptable cross trainer functionality to build muscle. Additionally, a cross trainer can also help with recovery following an injury. Keep the resistance rate at a relatively low level, and you can help your damaged muscles to recover.

Workout with some of the best home cross trainers

Rather than spending time getting to the gym and paying a monthly fee, a cross trainer machine is an investment that will allow you to conquer whatever fitness goals you have, at home. Reasonably priced and offering exceptional results, don’t overlook this addition to your workout routine. Browse our selection today and workout your whole body with one of our cross trainers for sale in the UK.

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