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Douches & Enemas

Wash away your fears about an accident during anal sex with the splendid range of douches and enemas available in this OnBuy category. From simple bulb doches to full on enema bag kits, we’ve got a variety of products to help keep your rear peachy clean! 

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Looking to buy Douches & Enemas?

As fun, sexy and pleasurable as anal sex is, you’re still dealing with the end of your digestive tract - hardly the cleanest part of your body. Even with plenty of roughage in your diet, there’s bound to be something hanging around your lower colon. It smells and it stains, and it can really ruin the atmosphere. But there is a solution for hygienic, romantic and fuss-free anal sex - the OnBuy collection of douches and enemas! With the products you find here you can get your bottom squeaky clean and ready for its next bedroom adventure.

Different types of douches

In this category, you’ll find three types of douches and enema kits. The first is the simplest, the bulb douche. These are simple nozzles with a squeezable bulb at the bottom. When you hold these douches under water and squeeze the bulb it fills with water. Then it’s a simple case of lubing up the tip, sticking it inside your anus and squeezing the bulb. These douches are quick and easy to use, and they’re small enough to take with you on romantic trips.

Next up are douche attachments for your shower. More powerful than bulb douches, these anal douche kits come with a hose that you can attach to your shower and one or more attachments to wash you clean. These devices can spray a powerful jet of water inside your body for a quick cleanse. They’re easy to clean as well, as most are made from solid steel and can be sanitised in boiling water. 

The final type of anal douches you’ll find in this section is our set of enema kits. These large kits consist of a hose, multiple attachments for your rear and a large refillable bag with a valve. You can fill the bag completely with water before anything goes near your anus, making it very hygienic, and the valve gives you complete control over the flow of the enema. 

Are there any side effects?

As long as you follow the instructions carefully you shouldn’t experience any side effects from using our range of enemas and douches. As with anything that touches your anus you should be careful to keep it clean. You can pick up plenty of suitable hygienic products in our sex toy cleaners category.

One top tip to remember when using douches or enemas is to fill them with lukewarm, room temperature water. Using water that’s too hot or cold can irritate the lining of your colon, which can cause your cleaning process to backfire. Quite literally. Best not think about that.

These douches are designed specifically for cleaning out your anus and rectum, not for vaginas. Luckily, we have a plentiful collection of vaginal douches in our intimate care category!

Frequently asked questions about anal douches and enemas 

What's the difference between douches and enemas?

For starters, anal douches are smaller. They come with a bulb and a nozzle and are available in various designs. You need to put liquid into the bulb and then squeeze into the rectum, through the anus. Enemas are similar, but they don't have a bulb. Instead, they come with a bag which holds the liquid. They also come with a nozzle, but it's placed at the end of a long tube. In summary, enemas are much larger and can hold a lot more liquid.

Should I use douches or enemas?

Anal douches clean inside the anus, and can even clean as far as the rectum. Once the nozzle is placed into the anus, you need to squeeze the bulb to get the liquid inside. After that, you hold the liquid for a short time before releasing. Enemas are similar, but they are made to clean much deeper into the body - as far as the colon or lower intestine! Enemas come with a bag which needs to be hung up at a higher level than the body. You'll achieve a more thorough clean with an enema than a douche.

Are there any risks associated with using douches and enemas?

Both douches and enemas come with some risks. However, it's worth noting that douches are considered safer. Since enemas can also clean as far as the colon or lower intestine, they pose more potential risks, as they can carry bacteria into your body. Both require correct techniques, and you should wait at least 24 hours between uses.

What kind of water should I use?

The type of water you use for this is very important. Tap water is fine if you're not using your douche or enema daily, however if you do use it every day, you could cause an electrolyte imbalance. If you use normal saline, you can avoid this problem. Never use alternative liquids, such as olive oil, alcohol or bleach, as these can be harmful. The best substance to use is normal saline, a liquid that contains just the right amount of sodium electrolyte.

Should I use lube?

Yes, you should always use lube when using douches or enemas. They come with hard, inflexible nozzles, which can make insertion uncomfortable when used without lube. Always insert the nozzle slowly with plenty of lube to ensure you don’t cause yourself any harm. If not used properly, it can cause ripping and tearing, and even increase the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.

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