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Exercise Bikes

Ride towards better health with an indoor exercise bike from OnBuy. The perfect way to get fit, lose weight, and tone your muscles, home cycling machines offer low impact training that’s kind to your joints and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Showcasing some of the best exercise bikes available in the UK, our selection has something for everyone – whether you’re a fitness fanatic, or you’ve just got your training wheels! Shop the full selection now to find the best home exercise bike for you.

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Looking to buy Exercise Bikes?

If you’re sick of having to brave bad weather and ill-tempered drivers when you cycle on the roads, buying an exercise bike could be the solution you've been looking for. Just like cycling outdoors, stationary exercise bikes are great for getting some low impact exercise in - the only difference is you'll now be able to do it from the comfort of your own home! And since they’re always there, it’s easier to find the motivation to put foot-pedal to the metal at a time that suits you.

Speaking of easy, a stationary bike is one of the most convenient kinds of large exercise equipment to keep around thanks to its relatively low space requirements. Since you’re only moving part of your body, the profile of a fitness bike is smaller than treadmills or rowing machines, where your whole body needs to move for the exercise to work. This small profile can get even smaller thanks to the number of folding exercise bikes you can find in our category. These clever designs can shrink down to under half their regular width, and many have wheels on one side so you can wheel them around your living room. So simple to store, a folding gym bike can be one of the best exercise machines if you’re short on space.

Are Exercise Bikes good for weight loss?

Yes! An at-home exercise bike is a great choice if your goal is to lose weight and tone up. The leg movement not only has an effect on muscle mass, but it also boosts your BMR (basal metabolic rate) - the calories you burn when your body is resting. How many calories can you burn using an exercise bike, I hear you ask. While the exact number depends on your personal factors, the average person can burn around 260 calories during a moderate 30-minute ride - by upping the intensity of your exercise, you can achieve even better results!

You’ll find two types of static bike in this category - normal exercise bikes, and air bikes. If you’re looking for a more intense workout, a spin bike offers more resistance due to its flywheel, making you work harder and burn more calories when you exercise. While an air bike doesn’t have a flywheel, it still offers a powerful workout by following your lead on how hard you’re pedalling.

The benefits of exercise bikes

A home cycling machine gives you loads of health benefits. Let’s take a close look at each of them.

Improving Cardio

Regular cardio (short for cardiovascular) exercise is really important for long term health. By getting your heart pumping faster on a regular basis you can make it stronger, just like the other muscles in your body. Cardio workouts can help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease in the long term. Exercise bikes are effective at improving your cardio health, particularly if you follow the instructions in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) tutorial online.

Increasing your strength

Using a home exercise bike is a great way of developing muscle tone as well, particularly if you increase the resistance. As expected, your leg muscles will get stronger, but you’ll see gains in other muscle groups too, depending on your exercise regime. Once you're confident using your exercise bike, try incorporating the use of strength training equipment like dumbbells or even ankle weights, for more of a challenge. Or, if you feel like adding more equipment into the mix will only confuse things, something as simple as altering your posture whilst riding can make all the difference! Top tip: Keep your back straight and abs tight whilst riding, to engage your core. This will help to tone that muscle group over time. 

Helping you lose weight

Since using an indoor exercise bike gets your heart rate up and makes your muscles work hard, regular workouts can burn a lot of calories. This means riding your indoor cycling bike consistently can be an effective way to lose weight, along with other weight loss techniques like reducing fat in your diet and healthy portion sizes.

Joint protection

Because cycling is a form of low impact exercise selection, it doesn’t put as much strain on your joints as high-impact exercise like running or gymnastics does. This protects your joints from harm, particularly over a long period of time. If a physiotherapist has recommended you use low intensity workouts, a static bike might be the answer for you.

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