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Hand Sanitisers

Freshen up at home or on the go with a convenient cleaning solution from this collection of hygienic hand sanitisers. There are lots to choose from, big bottles and small, plain and moisturising, but one thing’s for sure: OnBuy’s range of hand sanitisers hate germs, but love your hands!

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Looking to buy Hand Sanitisers?

Keeping your hands clean is a hygiene must, particularly if you or a member of your family has a compromised immune system, or if you’re handling potential contaminants like raw meat or refuse. Unfortunately, we can’t take a basin of soap and water around with us wherever we go, so you need to get the next best thing: a bottle of hand sanitiser! These effective chemical cleaners kill viruses and bacteria on contact, dry quickly and can be used at any time.

If you’re relying on hand sanitiser to protect you from germs you need to know that you can trust it. Thankfully, this OnBuy category contains sanitising products from the top household cleaning and health product brands like Carex and Dettol.

What is hand sanitiser made from?

The cleaning power of hand sanitiser is thanks to a generous amount of alcohol. We’re not talking hard liquor here: Hand sanitiser is much stronger than your average shot, with medical guidelines recommending a concentration of 60% or more to kill off germs and some go all the way up to 90%! These heady concoctions destroy the protective layer of lipid proteins that form the skin of microbes.  

The downside with such powerful alcohol contents is that hand sanitisers tend to dry out and irritate your skin, particularly after prolonged use. So you’ll find that many of the hand sanitisers in this category contain additional ingredients like Aloe Vera that soothe your skin and help reduce redness and itching.

Hand sanitiser bottles

The different brands of hand sanitiser available in this category come in bottles with lots of different labels and shapes, but you’ll find that they all come in roughly three different sizes. The first is the ultra portable mini bottles. Usually containing about 60 millilitres of hand sanitiser, these mini bottles are small enough to fit into your front pocket, making them a discrete choice. Add to that a little lid that you can open and close just by pushing, and you’ve got a hand sanitiser bottle that’s great for cleaning your hands before you eat in restaurants, or for giving your fingers a quick disinfect after you’ve touched a lamppost or pressing the button at a road crossing.

The next sub-type of hand sanitiser bottles you’ll find are medium sized, and hold between 300ml and 500ml. They’re bulkier than the mini bottles, but not unmanageably so, and you can fit them comfortably in a jacket pocket - they’re also the perfect size for sticking in your handbag for a day out. They often come with hand pumps, making them ideal for use in the home. You can slam down on the pump with your wrist or the back of your hand, minimising the transfer of germs between your hand and the pump.

Last but not least are the big beasts of the OnBuy hand sanitiser category. The largest hand sanitiser bottles are five litres or more, which should keep even the most germaphobic of us well stocked for months. Far too big to carry around, these hand sanitiser bottles are best for large families or for workplaces like restaurants where everyone needs to keep their hands clean at all times.

A bottle of hand sanitiser is just one line of defense in the war against germs, and they’re useless if you want to clean the surfaces in your home. For that task you should turn to our collection of cleaning wipes. These wipes are a fast and efficient way to eliminate bugs on any surface! Hand sanitiser will stop you from catching (or passing on) any diseases through contact, but they can’t protect against airborne pathogens. But the OnBuy range of Masks and respirators can! In that category you can find reusable cotton masks, masks with the n95 standard of filtration protection, and disposable surgical grade masks.

Customers love our best-selling Hand Sanitisers

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