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Are you an avid juggler or looking to get into the famous circus activity and become a street performer? Whatever your motivation to start juggling, OnBuy has all the supplies and equipment you could ever need! From bean bags for beginners to pins for pros, find everything you need to kick-start your juggling journey right here!

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Looking to buy Juggling?

Juggling is a fun activity that anyone can take part in - it just requires a fair amount of practice to get it right and nail the technique! Usually known as a circus act, juggling can be done with a variety of different objects of all shapes and sizes - depending on how much of a risk taker you are! We’ve got juggling products from some of the top toy brands, such as The Magic Toy Shop and juggling-focused Juggling Wholesale. So, browse OnBuy’s extensive range and start juggling!

What is juggling?

Juggling is a skill performed by a person that involves moving objects through the air or manipulation of objects for entertainment purposes. Most commonly, juggling involves the throwing of objects, such as juggling balls, juggling pins, or juggling clubs. Virtually any object of a certain size or weight can be used for juggling, and some performers you’ll see will use fire sticks or torches (this is heavily not recommended!). Throughout history, juggling has always been associated with the circus, however in recent years, various adaptations have occurred in terms of what is considered juggling, and it’s actually become a mainstream hobby.

There's three basic patterns of juggling - all with different levels of difficulty. First, you have a cascade - this is probably the easiest of all jugging patterns - you start with 3 balls and they are thrown into the midline of your body in an arcing motion. Second, there is the shower juggling pattern which consists of throwing the objects in a circular motion right to left or left to right. Finally, you have the column pattern - two balls in the left and right hand are thrown up whilst a third is thrown up the middle - tricky stuff!

How can I juggle?

Before you start, you’ll have to accept that you’ll most likely drop the ball a lot and get extremely frustrated - but practice makes perfect! First of all, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the juggling balls you’re using and make sure they fit well in your hand - juggling bean bags can be good to use while learning as they won’t roll miles away from you if you drop them. Take the object you’re using and toss it from one hand to the other, making sure your hand is slightly inward. You should be able to throw the ball across every time with the same height and arc. Once you’ve got this down, add in another ball and do the same, but as you’ve thrown the first ball, throw the second before catching the first. Once you can do this and catch both balls, you can move to three balls. Repeat the pattern but instead of catching the second ball, throw the third first. This will take time to master but once you do - you’re a juggler!

FAQs about juggling

How long does it take to learn how to juggle three balls?

Juggling is easier to learn for some people more than others, so there's no definitive answer. It could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on how coordinated you are.

Can juggling really make you smart?

While juggling can help increase brain function and keep your brain in good health, it won’t necessarily make you smarter.

How do you get better at juggling?

Practicing is the best way to improve your juggling. There is no quick fix, unfortunately.

What is juggling good for?

Juggling can help build hand-eye coordination, improve reaction time and reflexes, concentration, and improve your general health.

What kind of skills does juggling require?

Juggling is a skill that requires you to have throwing and catching abilities, timing and rhythm, and hand-eye coordination.

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