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Key Safes

Worried about losing your keys? Maybe it’s time to invest in a key safe! Key safes are tough, combination locked containers for keys that are far safer than keeping your keys under the welcome mat. Explore our seller’s range of indoor and outdoor key safes today!

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Looking to buy Key Safes?

If you’re prone to losing your keys or locking yourself out of your house by mistake it can be tempting to slip a spare key under the welcome mat. This is a massive security risk though, as there’s nothing stopping an opportunistic thief from quickly searching places where a spare key might be hidden. A much safer alternative to a key under the mat is a key safe.

What are key safes?

Key safes, which some people refer to as a key safe box, are tough, lockable metal boxes that you can store keys in. They’re a perfect solution for people who are prone to losing their keys, or businesses and other buildings that have dozens of different keys that unlock separate rooms. There are typically two types of key safes: indoor key safes and outdoor key safes. Indoor key safes are usually the size of a small medicine cabinet and are unlocked with their own key. These key safes aren’t as strong as outdoor key boxes but they are much larger, and are a great way to secure multiple keys in a single, easily organised place for locations like an office.

Outdoor key safes are smaller but much hardier. They have attack resistant frames made from incredibly sturdy materials like zinc alloys. Many of these key safes have a Secured by Design certification, which is the official UK police’s security initiative to protect homes and businesses. If a key safe box is Secured by Design certified it means that the product has passed a recognised standard set by police officials to reduce crime.

Most outdoor key safes are secured with a combination lock. Depending on the model of key safe the combination lock can be a wheel combination lock - a much more secure version of the kind normally found in suitcases - or a series of buttons that require you to push the right numbers in sequence before the key safe box will open. Some especially secure key safes use a two-step locking mechanism that requires a master key along with the keycode. That means even if an attacker manages to guess your keycode they can’t access your home.

Where should I place outdoor key safes?

Although the best key safes are close to impregnable, it’s still important that you follow security best practices when finding a spot to install your key safe box. The best place to place your outdoor key safe is somewhere where it cannot be seen by passers by. Try hiding it behind a drainpipe or plants. Another top security trick is to place it lower than eye-level. This makes it harder to see and much more difficult to recognise as a key safe box. Follow this advice and your key safe will be as secure as possible.

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