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Your clothes will be fresh as a daisy when you use laundry detergent sourced from OnBuy’s virtual laundromat! Our verified retailers can offer you a wide assortment of liquid and powder detergents from the top name brands. Grab biological detergent for the ultimate stain removing power, pick delicate detergent and more!

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About Laundry Detergent

Mud, sticky food, sweat stains - from the moment you get dressed in the morning your clothes are under threat from all kinds of messy objects and activities. Eventually something’s going to dirty them up, and getting them clean again is going to take more than just a bit of hot water. You’ll need a good dose of laundry detergent - so look no further to find the best than OnBuy’s official laundry detergent collection! We’ve got both liquid and powder detergents from the top detergent brands, plus a few hidden gems you might not have heard of before!

Bio or Non-Bio?

A lot of people think that laundry detergent is just plain soap, but that’s a big misconception: while soap is made from fatty acids, laundry detergent is a synthetic compound that mixes a variety of ingredients together for a powerful cleaning action. 

But hold on, if laundry detergent is made from synthetic compounds, then why can you buy biological detergent? While it’s true that washing powder as a finished product is synthetic, its core ingredients don’t have to be. Biological detergent contains special naturally occurring enzymes that break down proteins, fats and starch, making them brilliant at tackling food stains. The bad news is that these enzymes can irritate sensitive skin, even in trace elements. Non-bio laundry detergent trades some stain-lifting power to ensure no irritation. You’ll find an equal share of both in this fantastic line-up!

Other detergent types

The choice between biological and non-biological is important, but it’s far from the only one available to you. There are a few sub-categories of laundry detergent that you need to know about. The first is colour fast detergent. Ordinary detergent - biological in particular - will make your whites tend to be quite rough on coloured clothes, causing their vibrancy to fade over many washes. Colour fast detergents contain specially formulated colour protectors that stop this from happening. If you love a loud hawaiian shirt, make sure to stock up on this kind of detergent.

While detergent does wonders for most garments, it's a perilous cleaning agent for some materials. Silk, wool and other delicate materials can’t withstand the power of most detergents, so many have developed detergent recipes specially for these easily damaged clothes. Cutting back on enzymes, brighteners and bleaching agents stops these washing powders from eating through your delicates. Some materials are so easy to shrink - we see you, silk - that you should only hand wash them. Look out for special handwashing detergent as well!

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