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Whether it’s for a first date or an important business meeting, making a good first impression is everything – and with OnBuy's irresistible range of men's aftershave, you’re sure to make a statement! From affordable favourites to luxury brands, including Hugo Boss, Paco Rabanne, Chanel and more, we've got something for everyone. Discover the scents you love at seriously good prices here. 

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Looking to buy Men's Aftershave?

What is aftershave?

The term ‘aftershave’ comes from an alcohol-based fragrance that’s splashed onto a freshly shaved face to reduce irritation and prevent infection from nicks. These days, it’s more commonly used as a blanket term for all men’s fragrance, but it’s also a perfume type in its own right.

Also known as ‘Eau Fraiche’, aftershaves have a low concentration of essential oils (approximately 1-3%) and a high percentage of alcohol (approximately 80-90%). The low percentage of essential oils makes aftershaves light in both scent and formula, meaning they’re best when used together with a longer-lasting fragrance type, like an Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum.

Whether it comes in a spray, a splash, or a balm, perfumes have been used for centuries. Some ancient practices of wearing scents – specifically different oils and balsams – are still very much in vogue today in the form of natural fragrances. In the modern day, aftershaves usually come in a spray form from fragrance houses and designers. Perfumers create it using fragrance notes extracted from exciting compounds, blending them together to make the iconic fragrances we know and love. You can learn a whole lot more about the basics of aftershaves by checking out our beginner's guide!

The difference between colognes, aftershaves, EDTs and EDPs

Struggling to select a scent with the right amount of intensity? Let’s explore the differences between the different strengths of men’s fragrances you can buy. Strength affects the ‘projection’ of the scent (how close someone needs to be to you to smell it) and its ‘silage’ (how long the scent lingers in the air after you’ve moved away), as well as its longevity.

Starting off at the weakest strength, we have aftershaves! As mentioned above, you may occasionally see fragrance companies refer to these as ‘Eau Fraiche’ - quite literally because they’re designed to leave you feeling fresh post-shave. As such, aftershaves have a weaker scent concentration and will typically linger on the skin for no more than two hours.

Following this, we have colognes. At 2-4% concentration, they’re stronger than an aftershave but still very lightweight, making them an excellent choice for casual, everyday wear. After colognes come Eau de Toilettes (EDTs), which typically range from 5-15% in concentration. At this strength, many EDTs can be quite strong, with good projection, and they can last quite some time (around four hours). Most of the popular men’s fragrances are classified as EDTs.

The final strength of men’s fragrances you’re likely to see is Eau de Parfums (EDP). EDPs are a little stronger than EDTs, clocking in at approximately 15-20%. Powerful in scent and allure combined, EDPs are sure to leave a lasting impression, making them ideal for evening use and special occasions.

Another way to feel confident for any special event is to check out our online collection of manual shaving products, giving you a smooth and sophisticated facial style from the comfort of your own home which you can then finish with your choice of aftershave. Alternatively, we also offer an irresistible selection of perfumes if you're shopping for the lady in your life instead - guaranteed to bag you plenty of brownie points with your loved one!

How to navigate men's aftershaves brands.

Since men's fragrances is such a prestigious and profitable market, a huge number of brands have taken their shot at creating the ultimate men's cologne. With them all offering a unique scent that will boost your confidence, it can be hard to tell which is the right pick for you, particularly if you're shopping online.

Thankfully, we've made sure our men's perfume department is easy to navigate and browse by giving the top brands their own categories. Many of these are super popular mainstream companies that you'll see in high street stores across the UK. We're talking Paco Rabanne, Hugo Boss, Christian Dior and the like.

Others will be familiar to fragrance heads but aren't quite household names, like Issy Miyake, Jil Sander and Jo Malone. These brands usually find a niche for themselves by producing cologne for men that eschews current mainstream scents and instead opts for fresher or cleaner aromas. These brands are a must browse for anyone looking for a subtle and elegant signature scent.

After that we have the true legends of the scent world - sought after cult perfume specialists that make their men's aftershave from the finest ingredients, often natural ones, and mix their EDPs and EDTs precisely, making sure that each spray contains a burst of amazing, expressive odours. They can charge a hefty fee for each - even a 50ml bottle from this class will often cost three figures. But when the aftershaves are this good, you won't mind paying that price. Examples include Kilian, Tom Ford and Guerlain.

It's true that the most lauded aftershaves are usually expensive, but you don't have to break the bank to smell good. Many high street perfume brands offer men's fragrances at affordable prices, and savvy shoppers can often find generous discounts offered by our verified sellers. If you're looking for a great bargain, check out companies like Paul Smith, Hollister or Brut.

Lastly, we have many categories dedicated to individual fragrance lines. When a brand comes up with a truly fantastic creation that sells well, they naturally want to capitalise on it. So as well as ordering reformulations to replace the stock they've sold, they also ask their perfumers to create 'flanker' scents.

These are aftershaves that take the scent profile of the original men's perfume and modify it slightly to create something slightly different. A common tactic is to take an eau de toilette and turn it into an eau de parfum by increasing the perfume concentration (companies often indicate this by adding 'intense' to the title).

Some flanker scents shift the perfume's key notes towards brighter, citrusy or marine flavours or darker, more seductive amber ones, as well. These are brilliant if you've fallen in love with a fragrance that's too dark to wear to work, for example.

To make it easy to browse these closely related perfumes, we've created special categories to group them into. Examples include Paco Rabanne's Invictus, Hugo Boss' Boss Bottled and Calvin Klein's CK One.

Who can wear aftershave?

Aftershave comes in all kinds of scents and strengths, so there really is something for everyone. Whether you're a young man searching for your first fragrance, a mature gent who knows exactly what he likes, or someone who just prefers masculine scents to feminine, OnBuy has the perfect fragrance for you. We even have fragrances for kids!

Where to buy aftershave

Online is the perfect place to find a bargain - and your sure to find great deals on all the best aftershave at OnBuy! 

Fragrance as a gift

Fragrance can make a great gift - it's a deeply personal thing and buying a scent that someone loves really shows them how much you know and care about them. Men's perfume gift sets can also be useful, either providing a selection of fragrances from a brand or a full-size bottle alongside some pampering treats. 

What is a unisex fragrance?

A unisex fragrance is one that cannot be defined as masculine or feminine. They are usually lighter than the heavy opulence of men’s fragrances but lack the overt sweetness of women’s. Calvin Klein is known for making iconic unisex fragrances. But the truth of it is, any fragrance can be unisex – it all depends on who is wearing it! The key part of finding the perfect unisex fragrance is to pay attention to the fragrance notes.

How to select the right scent

Wondering what’s the best aftershave for men? OnBuy’s collection of men's aftershaves and men's eau de toilette options is guaranteed to contain your perfect concoction. With luxury brands such as Joop!Diesel, and Creed aftershave to explore, you can make a statement for a special occasion or wear them daily as a signature scent. With so many daily fragrances for him amongst our selection of tempting spritzes, finding a men's fragrance to hit all the right notes couldn't be easier at OnBuy. Need more support on picking the right fragrance for the season? Read our guide on how to pick the best fragrance for every occasion.

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Popular Brands in Men's Aftershave

Calvin Klein
Jimmy Choo
Dolce & Gabbana
Star Wars
Katy Perry

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