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Paddling Pools

Splashing around in the sun just got even more exciting, thanks to OnBuy’s brilliant range of paddling pools. With plenty of inflatable and rigid designs on offer, shop the collection and get set for a summer of fun with your family and friends!

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Looking to buy Paddling Pools?

Guaranteed to make your garden the ultimate hangout spot for the little ones and big kids alike, a high-quality paddling pool is the perfect way to cool off during a hot summer’s day. Explore our paddling pools from the brands that do it best and discover a sunshine-ready upgrade today.

If you’d like a pool that’ll keep your tots safe while they splash about, you may want to opt for the baby and toddler range, and we also have a great range of mini paddling pools to dip your toes in between sunbathing sessions! Perhaps you’re part of a big family, or you’d like to host a garden party for your child and their friends? Check out our collection of family-sized paddling pools which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

So what are you waiting for? We have durable-yet-affordable paddling pools to delight the whole family - though if you're spoiled for choice and struggling to choose, we reckon a paddling pool with a slide would make a splash with the children!

What should I look for in a good paddling pool?

The big factors you need to consider when choosing paddling pools are the size of the pool you need, and how much space you have. Inflatable paddling pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it’s important to get your measurements before you pick one out from OnBuy’s range. Baby and toddler paddling pools aren’t very big, so it’s not such a concern there, but other kids’ paddling pools can take up a surprising amount of space once inflated.

Better brands will also tend to use more durable materials, reducing the risk of punctures - there’s nothing more deflating than getting ready to cool off and play around in the pool, and then before you know it either all the air or all the water has seeped out. You can buy easy-to-use repair kits, but generally it’s better to avoid punctures as much as possible in the first place. If you really want to impress, consider fun paddling pools that include extra features like slides and built-in canopies. It’s bound to make your children the envy of all their friends when they go back to school in September!

Do I need to get a pump to blow up inflatable paddling pools?

Generally, you won’t need a pump with most inflatable paddling pools, but it would be a pretty good idea to get one. While smaller pools are easy enough to blow up with just the power of your lungs, some of the bigger ones will leave you blue in the face. The last thing you want when the temperature’s rising is a group of excitable and eager children getting bored while they wait to jump in and begin their water fight. Thankfully, you can take a look through OnBuy’s range of pumps and pick up a new one at the same time as your paddling pool.

Most simple pumps that can be used for inflatables are extremely affordable and will do a good enough job that you won’t be left trying to appease the kids for long. However, you can always pick out a more traditional foot pump, which has the added benefit of being portable - great if you don’t want to be traipsing an extension lead across the garden!

Frequently asked questions about paddling pools

What is a paddling pool?

A paddling pool is usually inflatable, and only contains enough water for little ones to paddle in.

At what age can my child start playing in a paddling pool?

This really depends on the child. Some start at six months old, though others may take longer to feel safe and secure when in water. No matter what their age, children should always be supervised when playing in a paddling pool.

How often should I change my paddling pool's water?

It's recommended that you change your paddling pool's water every day. You should drain it in the evening, let it dry, and finish with an anti-bacterial spray.

When is it warm enough to use a paddling pool?

The recommended air temperature for use of a paddling pool is 20-degrees, or more.

How long should I leave a paddling pool on grass?

Inflatable pools are known for killing grass, as they block the sun and don't allow any vegetation beneath to grow. As such, you should only leave a paddling pool on grass for roughly two weeks.

Will my paddling pool deflate if left outside overnight?

Yes, if you leave your paddling pool outside overnight it will deflate, and if you leave the pool outside in the sun it will do the opposite and inflate and expand. To ensure your pool is kept in a good condition, always store them properly.

Should I put chlorine in my paddling pool?

No, inflatable paddling pools will not need chlorine to be kept clean.

How can I keep my paddling pool clean naturally?

The best way to ensure your paddling pool always remains clean is to drain and refill the pool regularly. Once it’s been drained, scrub it down with a large sponge or kitchen brush and some washing up liquid and it should be ready to be refilled. You can also help keep your pool clean by putting a cover over it when it’s not in use.

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