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Radiator Covers

Hide tired-looking radiators with a radiator cover from OnBuy - the quick and easy way to inject style into your space without the need for paint or plumbers! Choose from an array of designs and colour options, from chic white to natural wood, available in a huge range of sizes to suit your home. Functional and fashionable, these fittings not only add character; they also save space, muffle unpleasant sounds, and even keep little fingers (and paws!) safe from accidental burns. For impressive home transformations without the hassle, check out our full selection of radiator covers below! 

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Looking to buy Radiator Covers?

With repellent paint jobs, scorch marks, misshapen curves and knobbly bits, there’s no getting around it, some radiators are just plain ugly. Theoretically, you could swap out your radiators, but to do so requires quite a bit of work: you’ve got to haul the radiator out of its moorings and fit a new one without damaging your central heating pipes. Why go through all that effort when you can hide unappealing heaters behind one of the radiator covers you'll find among this superb selection?

Radiator covers

We have lots of handsome designs that will fit in with your decor of choice. Slats are a popular choice, and we have both vertical and horizontal versions in various widths and spacings. Look out also for grills with floral star designs and other unusual options when you buy radiator covers at OnBuy.

Let’s not forget colour! Most radiator covers are either painted white or textured brown shade, that mimics the appearance of real wood. A few among our selection have no finish at all, so you can cover them with your preferred lick of paint. Want a cool duck-egg blue radiator cover or a passionate flaming red one? Simply add a can of paint to your basket and let your imagination run wild!

Of course, to cover up your radiator, you’ll need a radiator cover that actually fits. Thankfully, OnBuy’s collection has you covered. Our verified sellers have a range of sizes to suit all radiators, from slim covers that work brilliantly for radiators in small rooms to large radiator covers over a metre and a half wide!

Some of the radiator covers among our virtual shelves are even adjustable, with folding slats that expand along the width, meaning you don’t have to be dead on with your measurements to cover up your radiator. This kind of radiator cover is brilliant if you have radiators with unusual shapes in your home.

Other reasons to buy a radiator cover

The main reason you’d want to cover a radiator is to hide their unappealing design, but there are other benefits too! Along with hiding the appearance of your radiator, a radiator cover can muffle the drips, hisses, knocks and gurgles they make.

When turned up to maximum, a radiator can get dangerously hot, enough to burn anyone who touches them. This is a particular problem if there are small children or pets living in your household. Buy a radiator cover though, and inquisitive hands and paws can’t reach the scalding hot surface.

Another often overlooked advantage of fitting your radiators with covers is reclaiming space in your room. The vast majority of radiator covers you’ll find in this edit have a shelf that runs along the top. Separated from the rest of the cover to prevent it from heating up too much, a radiator with storage can use this extra space to store objects like lamps and photo frames. They also make a good perching spot for houseplants that thrive in a warm atmosphere.

Radiator covers FAQs

Will a radiator cover make me lose heat?

As a general rule, without some form of insulation or heat reflector, you'll lose heat to the ceiling or to the walls, regardless of whether you have a radiator cover or not. While radiator covers may slow down the convection current, they shouldn't have too much of an impact on the overall performance of your radiator. 

How do I choose a radiator cover?

Before getting a radiator cover, you'll need to measure the widest length of the radiator with the valves on either side. Then, you need to add approximately 5cm to accommodate for the cover. For more information and support on how to properly measure your radiator for a radiator cover, check out our ultimate guide to radiator covers

Can I put a sofa in front of a radiator?

No. It’s not a good idea to put a sofa in front of a radiator – or any large furniture, as a matter of fact. The sofa would block the heat from getting into the room, and since it's exposed to heat, it may also get damaged over time, or at the very least, suffer from colour fading due to the constant current of heat.

Do I really need to fix my radiator covers to the wall?

This really depends on the type of model you buy. While some come with their own mounts for wall attachment, others need no attachment at all. Heftier covers are best attached to the wall, particularly if you have young children in your home as this will prevent them from being pulled over and potentially causing an accident. They should also be fixed to the wall if you intend to use them as storage for heavy or to display fragile items like vases.

Should radiator covers cover the valves, too?

The radiator cover that you choose will need to cover the heater, the pipes and the valves, so make sure you take the proper measurements before buying one. This will also give your radiator a very aesthetically-pleasing appearance as you won't be able to see the often unappealing pipework.

Are radiator covers a fire hazard?

If you're scratching your head wondering whether covering your radiator is actually a good idea, then we can safely say that yes, it is! However, it's worth mentioning that poorly-designed or measured radiator covers (covers that touch the radiator) can actually cause heat loss as they block the airflow of your radiator, ultimately reducing its efficiency. Not to mention, some models can actually trap heating causing your central heating system to shut off prematurely.

Are radiator covers adjustable?

While not all radiator covers are adjustable, some are, allowing you to take your radiator cover with you from home to home. The adjustable models can often be extended to cover longer or shorter radiators but have a fixed height. You can also find more basic radiator covers that can be painted to suit your interior.

Are radiator covers fashionable?

Yes! Radiator covers have experienced a recent surge in popularity and can be seen in home renovation projects all across the country on many social media and home renovation sites. Not only are they safe and practical for preventing curious pets and kids from touching hot radiators, but they also offer more surface space for displaying photos and other family ornaments.

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