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Looking to buy Dji Drones?

The leading drone company in the world, DJI have cornered an astounding 70% of the world market of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This didn’t happen by accident. DJI drones are among the very best you can buy, with a stunning selection of expensive premium drones and compact, low cost drones that are great for beginner fliers. Keep reading to learn more about this high flyer of the drone world!

The flying circus of DJI drones

There are many DJI drones to choose from, and the one you’ll want to pick largely depends on your budget. Buy one of the top DJI drones on the market and you can look forward to recording crystal clear 4K video at 60 frames a second, a dedicated controller with built-in video screen, and a capacious battery that will last for many minutes. They’re a terrific choice for taking jaw dropping photos and videos of natural landscapes, city skylines, ocean-crossing ships and more!

On the other end of the pricing scale you can find some very reasonably priced UAVs. DJI drones are not toys, and their price tag reflects that, but for a fraction of the price of a cutting edge DJI UAV you can have access to a compact, spritely drone that controls like a dream and still takes pictures and video in high definition.

The standard number of propellers in commercial drones is four, one on each corner of the flying machine, and most DJI drones share this quadcopter configuration. However, in addition to four propellers, you can pick up DJI drones with six propellers among this edit. 

These so-called hexacopters can carry bigger loads than other DJI models and are more stable when flying, particularly at higher altitude. These pricey drones are brilliant for mounting action cameras and other lightweight recorders on their bodies, offering the ultimate flexibility for photographers and filmmakers.

DJI accessories and combos

To ensure a long life out of your DJI drone, you’ll want to pick up a few accessories that act as insurance against the most common wear and tear. One of the most delicate parts of every drone brand is the most exposed: the outriding propellers. Luckily, our verified sellers can offer you brand new replacement wings, plus metal guards that enfold the rotor blades and stop them from coming in direct contact with side surfaces. 

You can also pick up protective parts for the video camera gimbal, and a carry case to store your DJI drone in when you’re not using it. Many of these accessories are available in a combination pack, which DJI call the Fly More Combo series, along with a drone. If you want a holistic UAV package, these combos are a wonderful pick.

Frequently asked questions about DJI drones

Why does my drone drift?

Drones can drift in the wind, although this is often mitigated by their GPS function. If you notice your drone drifting, double check that GPS is turned on. With GPS on, your drone should hover in one place even if there's a strong wind. If your DJI drone continues to drift it could be because of a mechanical problem. We recommend that you take it to a certified repair shop or dealer for an assessment.

Why is my drone not flying?

If your drone's battery isn't flat there could be any number of reasons why it isn't flying properly. We recommend taking it into a certified repair shop or dealer so that a professional can diagnose the problem.

How high can a drone fly?

In the UK, you can fly a drone no higher than 120 metres, or 400 feet - otherwise you're breaking the law. Please note that this advice is only applicable in the UK, customers in other countries should check their nation's laws.

How can I stabilize my drone footage?

Sometimes your drone's footage will look shaky thanks to the camera being buffeted by wind. If that happens you can apply a stabilization effect to the footage through most video editing software like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut. Depending on which model of DJI drone you buy you might also be able to purchase a gimbal accessory that will keep the drone's video camera more stable as you shoot, reducing the need for post production effects.

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