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Rowing Machines

Rowing is the perfect exercise to help get yourself into the best shape of your life. OnBuy provide a vast selection of some of the best rowing machines in the UK, so you can achieve the physique of your dreams. Conquer your fitness goals with our wide range of rowing machines for sale and enjoy a full body workout at home like never before. With a home rowing machine, you’ll never have to go to the gym again. Buy a home rowing machine in the UK today and find the perfect indoor rowing machine for you.

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Looking to buy Rowing Machines?

Why buy a rowing machine?

Prepared to row yourself into better shape? OnBuy can provide you with a seated rowing machine, so you can reach your fitness goals within the comfort of your own home.

Not only are rowing machines low-impact and therefore gentler on your joints and muscles, but they also provide a combined workout to target almost your whole body. With rowing machines from well-known and affordable manufacturers like VidaXL and V-Fit, you won't need to worry about breaking the bank.

Who should use a rowing machine?

There's a wide variety of people who can use rowing machines. Firstly, rowing machines are great for people who want to achieve a full-body workout, regardless of their fitness level. This is because you can tailor the intensity of your workout to suit your personal fitness requirements, increasing the pace or slowing it down to match your needs. Additionally, rowing machines have also been deemed safe for people who have vision problems or are completely blind. As a result, they're a brilliant piece of fitness equipment that can be used by a wide range of people. The next time you see a rowing machine for sale on OnBuy, add it to your basket; it's the smart shopper's choice.

Home rowing machine benefits

When you purchase one of our rowing machines for sale, there are endless benefits. Rather than leaving the house to go running, going to the gym to lift weights, or travelling to a fitness centre to meet your exercise requirements, we can provide you with some of the best home rowing machines in the UK, allowing you to exercise in your own time.

If you are considering purchasing a fitness rowing machine but are unsure of the benefits attached, we have broken down the key advantages of owning your very own rowing exercise machine. Offering everything from small rowing machines for UK homes, to air rowing machines, to foldable rowing machines, we have some of the best rowing machines specific to you, your fitness needs and the space within your home.

Burn calories faster

A key benefit of shopping for some of the best home rowing machines in the UK is the ability to have a full body workout. A seated rowing machine offers a full body workout where you combine strength and cardio training in unison. This means that you are able to burn hundreds of calories within an hour of using a home rowing machine, while building up your strength in the meantime. Factors such as your current weight, fitness level, age and gender will all come into the equation when it comes down to how many calories you are able to burn from an air rowing machine, but ultimately, this is one of the most effective weight loss solutions.

An indoor rowing machine is also a great solution if you wish to improve your aerobic fitness. Even 15 minutes of consistent rowing with proper form can provide you with the means to increase your stamina while you improve your strength and lose weight.

Improve conditioning

As a fitness rowing machine offers a full body workout, your conditioning can be vastly improved by using one. In fact, some of our very best rowing machines use over 85% of your bodily muscles, a huge relative amount when compared to other forms of exercise. Your conditioning can be vastly improved with a rowing machine; although it may look as if the upper body is doing most of the work, your legs are actually the driving force when you use a rowing machine. Over time, an air rowing machine from the UK will improve the strength and conditioning of all the muscles used within the workout.

Reduce the risk of injury

The risk of injury is vastly lessened compared to other exercise machines. The fact that a seated rowing machine is a low impact form of working out means that your joints are put under less pressure than other exercises you might partake in. This means that when you buy a rowing machine, you can work out to a higher intensity, without risking injury. When you work out more intensely, you are able to improve your overall fitness on many levels, making a fitness rowing machine an ideal way to reach your fitness goals, with a much lower level of risk.

With the risk of injury reduced, a home rowing machine will also allow you to improve your posture. Using all of your primary muscles groups when using fitness rowing machines allows you to strengthen your core abdominal muscles, your legs and your back. By engaging the posterior chain of your body, many postural benefits are also attainable when you buy a rowing machine in the UK.


An obvious benefit of a home rowing machine is the fact that you don’t have to leave your home to reap the fitness rewards of one. Our vast range of products include foldable rowing machines that you can bring out and fold away as you please. This means that if you are short on space within your home, a foldable rowing machine allows is a piece of fitness equipment that is convenient, adaptable, and never has to get in the way. If a foldable rowing machine isn’t for you, we also have many small rowing machines in the UK that you can keep in the room of your choosing, without it having to be overly obstructive.

Air rowing machines vs water rowing machines

We also have various types of rowing machines available. Water rowing machines differ from air rowing machines for instance. Water rowing machines provide a strong yet quiet resistance that is known to be the smoothest of any resistance type. With a large water tank at the front, products such as our SNODE water rowing machine offer a true to life rowing experience, without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Indeed, you can stay dry while you enjoy a realistic water rowing machine experience in the UK.

Air rowing machines offer a smooth yet strong rowing stroke, allowing you to mimic the feeling of rowing on water, without having to use any water at all. The resistance of an air rowing machine, as the name suggests, is created by air. You can also accurately monitor speed, distance and power with an air rowing machine and track your fitness goals to a tee. The faster you row with an air rowing machine, the more resistance you will achieve. See our range of air rowing machines and water rowing machines and find the perfect product for you.

Rowing machines vs other cardio machines

Whether you decide to opt for a rowing machine or another of our cardio machines such as a treadmill or an exercise bike will depend on your own individual fitness requirements. Whether it is a home rowing machine or something else, it is important to keep your workout beginner friendly, especially if you are using a machine for the first time. 

If you row at a moderate rate, our best rowing machines will burn the same number of calories as cycling, making it an ideal solution to those of you who want to burn fat, but aren’t a fan of pedalling. Combining a rowing machine with a cross trainer is a great solution. These two in unison offer a collective way to burn fat, using them throughout the week on alternate days. If you want an extra dose of cardio in your workout routine, utilising the smart fitness features found in our range of Bluetooth treadmills can help you plan your workouts.

The main benefit of a fitness rowing machine compared to other machines is the muscle building potential it offers. Combine aerobic exercise with the same movements you would incorporate into a weightlifting routine and get the best results imaginable from our rowing machines for sale.

Buy some of the best rowing machines in the UK today

With some of the very best rowing machines for sale, from the V-Fit Artemis to the Homcom compact foldable rowing machine, we can provide you with the home rowing machine that is just right for you. If you're looking for a top-of-the-range rowing machine for sale there's an abundance of different designs and brands you can explore at OnBuy. If you're looking for something that can fit into small spaces, then keep your eyes peeled for a compact, foldable, or small rowing machine. They fit seamlessly into the corners of bedrooms and living areas without taking up too much vital floor space. With our indoor rowing machine selection available, you can make your home feel just like a gym, without having to ever go to one.

There are several different kinds of indoor rowing machines for sale from our sellers, including a piston-based hydraulic rowing machine, flywheel rower, magnetic resistance rowing machine, air rower and a water rowing machine. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages, but they still allow you to workout using a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training.

Resistance training can allow you to develop a host of fitness advantages including improved muscle strength and tone, protecting your joints from high-impact injuries, and allowing you to manage your weight. Cardio exercise, on the other hand, reduces the risk of a variety of diseases, naturally boosts your energy, and can even support your immune system. As a result, you get the best of both worlds when you use a rowing machine to work out.

Alternatively, you can also shop for some of the best treadmills online by browsing our range of Homcom electric treadmills and more folding, mini and motorised options. Whichever kind of exercise machine you prefer, you can bet we have it here for a fantastic price!

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